ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Dale Crafts for U.S. Congress in Maine

For Immediate Release: August 27, 2020

SACRAMENTO,CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Dale Crafts for U.S. Congress in Maine’s Second Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “With an extensive background in business and a proven record of public service, Dale Crafts is the conservative leader we need taking on the far left and Beltway bureaucrats in Washington. Dale believes in the Tea Party principles of limited government, balanced budgets, and economic freedom, and we are excited to offer our endorsement today.

Dale Crafts is a successful entrepreneur and proven leader who knows what it takes to overcome the odds and achieve the American Dream. After a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed in 1983, he founded Mobility Plus, which provides opportunities for disabled people to drive again. Since then, he has operated numerous successful businesses and served his community on the Lisbon Town Council and in the Maine State Senate. A business owner himself, Dale understands how government overreach hurts businesses and destroys jobs. In Congress, he will work to eliminate onerous regulations, further reduce taxes, and slash the size of government so that the economy can thrive.

“This election is shaping up to be one of the most critical of our lifetime. A Biden-Harris administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress would push the country further to the left than ever in history with job-killing taxes and regulations, more wasteful big government, and continued lawlessness in the streets. Americans want to get back to work, and now is the worst time to shackle the economy’s ability to create jobs and opportunity. Now is the time to kick the far-left’s enablers like Jared Golden out of Congress and elect proven conservative leaders like Dale Crafts. With President Trump and fellow conservatives in Congress, Dale will fight for the policies that restore our economy and keep America great,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local conservatives:

“Throughout his life Dale has embodied the American dream and has strived to give those around him the same opportunities that he has had. After a terrible car accident that left him confined to a wheelchair, Dale could have simply given up and lived a life of dependency. Instead he started more businesses, employed more people, and contributed more to his community. He has lived the American dream and inspires those around him to do the same. As a father of 6 and grandfather to 14 he has passed this same spirit on to his family. Dale knows that a thriving America starts at home, and that the future requires leaders that know our country’s brightest days lie ahead. Dale is a rare voice that is needed in Washington today. I am convinced that he is the right person for this very turbulent time in our country. I wholeheartedly endorse Dale Crafts for Congress.” – Hon. Garrett Mason, Former Maine State Senate Majority Leader, Lisbon, ME

“Maine’s Second Congressional District deserves a representative that will always put Maine families first. Dale Crafts is a proven conservative voice who has the necessary experience to go to Washington and defend the values we cherish here in Northern Maine. As a former State legislator, a businessman, a Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine Board Member, and a father of 6 children with 14 grandchildren, Dale is uniquely qualified to work for us in Washington.” – Hon. Charlie Webster, Former Maine Republican Party Chairman, Former Maine State Senate Assistant Minority Leader, Farmington, ME

“Having served alongside Dale Crafts in the Maine Legislature, I am pleased to place my support and my trust in Dale as our next Congressman. As a fellow business owner, Dale understands the value of every dollar and the reward of employing Mainers and creating an opportunity for them to provide for their families. In Augusta, Dale is a proven advocate for the 2nd Amendment, has always defended our freedoms and worked to lower taxes, reform welfare, and reduce the reach of government in our lives.” – Hon. Debra Plowman, Former Maine State Senate Assistant Majority Leader, Hampden, ME

“As a sportsman and veteran, I support Dale Crafts for Congress, because I know that he will protect our freedoms and fight for our veterans in Washington. As a SAM Board Member, Dale understands the importance that the Maine great outdoors plays in our economy and how to stand up to the never-ending liberal gun grab. Dale is a man of integrity who believes in serving our State for the right reasons and not those of special interests. Dale Crafts is who Maine needs in Washington.” – Jim Thorne, Northwoods Sporting Journal, Carmel, ME

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