ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Adam Laxalt for Senate in Nevada

For Immediate Release: June 13, 2022

Sacramento, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Adam Laxalt for election to the United States Senate from the State of Nevada.  

Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Adam Laxalt knows the fight to keep America safe from threats both foreign and domestic has never been greater.  As a fourth generation Nevadan, with experience as a Naval officer in Iraq and a crime fighter as Attorney General, Adam understands how the dangerous policies of Nevada’s incumbent Senator have left Nevadans vulnerable and exposed.  

“His commitment to restore safety and security back to Nevadans has earned him the endorsement of conservative legends like President Donald Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell and media personality Mark Levin, who also served as Chief of Staff to the Attorney General in the Ronald Reagan Administration.  Conservative organizations like Tea Party Express have rallied around Adam as well, including the American Conservative Union, the Senate Conservative Fund, Gun Owners of America, Nevada Right to Life, Nevada Fraternal Order of Police and so many more.  

Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt

“As a former Naval Officer and Iraq Veteran, Adam Laxalt has demonstrated courage under pressure and was even awarded the Joint Service Commendation Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal for his dedication and commitment in keeping Americans safe from terrorists and those who wish to do us harm.

“He brought his same dedication to defending freedom back to Nevada where he served as Nevada’s 33rd Attorney General.  As one of the top Attorney Generals in the nation, Adam spearheaded Nevada’s first ever Law Enforcement Summit to gather law enforcement officials from all over the state to collaborate on how to stop criminals and keep Nevadans safe. 

Mandatory Credit: Photo by John Locher/AP/REX/Shutterstock (9818773a) Nevada state Attorney General Adam Laxalt speaks at the Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club, in Henderson, Nev. Laxalt is running as a Republican candidate for governor of Nevada Nevada Governor Laxalt, Henderson, USA – 28 Aug 2018

“The failed policies of current U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto have made her the most vulnerable incumbent in the country, and Adam is the best candidate to take her head-on in November and help conservatives regain the Senate majority. 

Adam has vowed to take on the tax-and-spend liberals destroying Nevada’s economy and has pledged to help restore fiscal sanity back to Nevada.  Tea Party Express applauds Adam’s strong history of dedication to American principles and his commitment to champion our Tea Party principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government, which is why we offer our endorsement to Adam Laxalt for election to the United States Senate.

Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt

“On a personal note, I have known Adam his entire life as friends with his grandfather, the great former Governor and Senator from Nevada, Paul Laxalt, and his mother, Michelle.  The entire Laxalt family were close friends and associates of Ronald Reagan since his early days as Governor.  I know Adam will carry on the conservative tradition that runs through his family and be an accomplished United States Senator.  Thus, he earns our highest endorsement,” Russo concluded.

The following are statements from local grassroots leaders:

“I have been a resident of Nevada for 37 years and support Adam Laxalt as our next senator.  He has served this country, served this state and can be relied upon to serve both in the Senate.” – Luan “LuLu” Francis. Grassroots Activist, Pahrump, NV

“Adam has proven his devotion to this nation through both his military service and through his service as our Attorney General. Adam has stood up for issues important to the people of Nevada and will take our voices with him to D.C. He is a proven fighter, with courage to stand up to the establishment, and has been a staunch support of voter integrity in the state. I stand behind Adam Laxalt as the next Senator from Nevada.” – Thomas Hewlett, Grassroots Activist, Las Vegas, NV

“Adam Laxalt can get us one step closer to taking back the senate. He is the candidate capable of beating Cortez Masto in the general election, and bringing conservative values back to Nevada. Inflation and crime are both the rise and we need a candidate with strong character and courage to take the fight to D.C. He is a highly intelligent and capable candidate who will serve with integrity and honor in D.C., just as he did in the military.” – Bill Strickland, Grassroots Activist, Reno, NV

Adam Laxalt has emerged as the most powerful conservative voice in Nevada.  Laxalt has honorably served the people of Nevada, fighting for individual liberties, constitutional freedoms and states’ rights.
Laxalt is a champion for our 2nd Amendment Rights, the rights of the unborn, parental rights and religious freedom.  He has consistently worked to unite Nevada Republicans, hosting his annual Basque Fry that attracts thousands of conservatives and Republicans from throughout the silver state, and served as Chairman of President Donald Trump’s campaign in Nevada. Adam Laxalt is the conservative fighter we need to defeat leftist Democrat incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto. – Ryan Gill, Conservative Campaign Committee PAC

I support Adam Laxalt; he is a good conservative who fought alongside President Trump, I have known him for years, and he has always done what he said he’ll do. When he was Attorney General in Nevada, he fought for our state’s rights against Obama; plus, he could defeat Democrat incumbent Cortez Masto in November. –Jesus Marquez, Political Consultant, Former Commissioner for theWhite House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative 

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