ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Lily Tang Williams for Congress in New Hampshire

For Immediate Release: August 4, 2022

Sacramento, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Lily Tang Williams in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District.  

Lily Tang Williams, Congressional Candidate

New Hampshire resident and national Tea Party Express Chairman Howard Kaloogian said, “Lily Tang Williams has a compelling story to tell about her narrow escape from Communist China to America, and her message of promoting individual freedom and prosperity has deeply resonated with the people of New Hampshire.  Lily was born under Communism in China and as an adult, chose to live in freedom by moving here. Like most immigrants who understand what it’s like to live under an oppressive government, Lily will fight for our freedoms and our New Hampshire way of life.” 

Lily Tang Williams, Congressional Candidate

“With the radical left continuing to pass legislation that strips Americans of our Constitutional freedoms by forcing an unhealthy dependance on the federal government, Lily Tang Williams is sounding the alarm and warning about the dangers of bowing down to politicians.

Lily Tang Williams, Congressional Candidate, New Hampshire

“She fled Communist China to America with only $100 in her pocket, but through hard work and determination, she went on to become an entrepreneur and a law school assistant professor.  Lily’s story shuts down the lies of the left that government is the solution to our problems and showcases how individuals can succeed if they are only given the freedom and opportunity to do so. 

Lily fears liberal politicians are ruining the American dream for future generations, and she’s determined to do her part to not only share her story but run for office to make a difference.  I’m confident Lily will advocate for our Tea Party principles of limited government and responsible spending, and a desire to restore American prosperity once elected.  We are pleased to join with other New Hampshire leaders who have supported her campaign, and we are honored to give Lily Tang Williams our full endorsement,” Kaloogian concluded.

The following are statements from local leaders:

“Lily has a compelling story to tell, one that exposes the evils of socialism.” –  NH State Senator Ruth Ward, Stoddard, NH

 “Lily has the background to understand that government exists to defend the rights of the people, not to run their lives. She also has the energy and determination to continue that fight regardless of the opposition and the forces that will attempt to pull her into the establishment.” –  NH State Representative Tony Lekas, Hudson, NH

 “Lily truly understands the importance of liberty and the hazards of government control.” – NH State Representative Alicia Lekas, Hudson, NH 

“Lily has the experience, wit, and principles to be the voice New Hampshire needs in Congress. She has an understanding of freedom that many do not because she’s lived in a country without it. I trust Lily to do what’s right and desperately needed in DC.” –  NH State Representative Leah Cushman, Weare, NH

 “In addition to Lily’s incredible background immigrating from China and establishing herself as an outspoken advocate for liberty in the United States, she is a go-getter. Lily revived our Weare, NH Republican Town Committee several years ago and worked to help get our State Representatives and State Senator elected during that time. Lily’s strong support for liberty and intimate familiarity with China’s repression combined with her ability express the direction our country needs to move in without fear makes her a formidable candidate in a debate. Once elected her amiable personality will enable her to work with her colleagues to get things done in Congress.”    NH State Representative Keith Erf, Weare, NH

“I support Lily Tang Williams. She is what we need in Washington, she knows what is happening in this country as she saw what happened in her country.  We need stop the indoctrination.”  – NH State Rep. Ralph Boehm, Litchfield, NH 

“The Dartmouth College Republicans are proud to endorse Lily Tang Williams for U.S. Congress representing NH CD-2. Her personal story of fleeing communism and her love for America is inspiring, especially now, during a time in which we are witnessing the rise of Neo-Marxist ideology and Critical Race Theory in America, which threaten our educational institutions and our youth. We are confident that Lily will fight for New Hampshire residents in the U.S. House of Representative to protect our constitutional rights and liberty.” –Chloe Ezzo, President, The Dartmouth College Republicans, Hanover, NH

“I’ve attended 5 events where Lily spoke for 20-30 minutes each.  No notes and standing ovations every time.  Lily answers every question quickly and concisely.  Her platform centered on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is 100% what I am looking for in a US Congresswoman.”  David DeWitt, Dublin, NH

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