ELECTION ALERT: Tea Party Express Endorses Marco Rubio for Senate in Florida

For Immediate Release: August 19, 2022

Sacramento, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Senator Marco Rubio for re-election to the United States Senate from the State of Florida. 

Kay Rivoli, Tea Party Express National Grassroots Director, Senator Marco Rubio, and Sal Russo, Tea Party Express Chief Strategist

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Our support for Marco Rubio’s race for the U.S. Senate in 2010 was one of the first examples of emboldened conservative activists upsetting the GOP establishment.  The establishment chose to support Governor Charlie Christ who subsequently showed his true colors and became a Democrat and is now challenging Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.  Rubio’s conservative, grassroots campaign turned him from an underdog into a national hero for his stunning primary and general election victories, and Tea Party Express was proud to crisscross Florida with our buses to rally support for him.  

“For more than a decade, Senator Rubio has proven to voters they were right in entrusting him with representing Florida in the 2010 election and then re-election in 2016.  He has consistently fought on behalf of Floridians against the radical liberal elite in D.C. who are seeking to plunge our nation further into debt with the resultant reduction in prosperity and opportunity for our citizens. 

“Growing up in West Miami as the son of Cuban immigrants, Senator Rubio learned the importance of hard work and saw firsthand how the American dream can be achieved if government bureaucrats simply get out of the way and let the free market thrive. 

“Washington, D.C. has a spending problem, and Senator Rubio is committed to forcing Congress to live within its means with a balanced federal budget.  Without commonsense leaders like Senator Rubio to fight back against President Biden and his radical tax-and-spend agenda, Floridians risk the liberal elite dictating fiscal policies that will only further increase inflation and saddle the Sunshine State with massive tax increases and oppressive regulations. 

“His opponent Val Demings parades around as a moderate, but is simply a puppet for Nancy Pelosi, voting with her 100 percent of the time.  She opposes tax cuts for hard-working Floridians, and if elected to the Senate, her reign of big government terror on the Sunshine State will continue.  Democrats are determined to take down Senator Rubio, which is why we need every Florida voter to get out and vote and make sure we keep Marco Rubio in the United States Senate. 

Tea Party Express applauds Senator Marco Rubio’s commonsense leadership and his unwavering commitment to the people of Florida throughout his tenure. He is a thoughtful and skilled Senator who is dedicated to finding solutions to America’s difficult problems.  We are delighted to offer our endorsement to Senator Marco Rubio for re-election to the United States Senate and are confident he’ll continue to work hard to restore American prosperity,” Russo concluded.

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