Tea Party Express Endorses George Logan for Congress in Connecticut

For Immediate Release: October 18, 2022

Sacramento, CA: Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of George Logan in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “We are pleased to support George Logan for Congress because his track record proves he has the sensible leadership needed to reverse the downward spiral of the fiscal crisis destroying the America we know and love. 

“During his time in the State Senate, George fought tirelessly against soaring tax hikes and fiscal irresponsibility, and brought commonsense solutions to problems other politicians failed to address.  As the son of two parents who left Guatemala for a better life, George grew up with the hard-working example his parents instilled in him at a young age. 

“Unlike out-of-touch Democrats in Washington, D.C. who think people can only achieve success under the iron first of government control, George believes with hard work and sacrifice, every individual has the same opportunity to achieve the American dream – without government interference.  

“The truth is, Democrats like Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden are determined to push their tax-and-spend policies onto all Americans.  While everyday Americans suffer, Pelosi and Biden ignore the record-high inflation and soaring prices at the pump that are destroying small businesses and creating financial hardships for American families. 

“Unlike his liberal opponent Congresswoman Jahana Hayes, George Logan has pledged to be a new voice against Washington’s failed policies and fight back against the frivolous spending packages and pet projects liberals in Congress are determined to ram through.  In contrast, Hayes has voted for Biden’s failed policies more than 98% of the time, and we know George will not make that mistake.

“Now more than ever, we need to send leaders like George Logan to Washington, D.C. to stand up to the liberal elite.  I’m confident he will champion our Tea Party principles to rein in runaway spending, stop massive tax hikes, and restore fiscal integrity, and we are please to endorse his campaign,” Russo concluded. 

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