Tea Party Express Releases Schedule and Route of National Tour

Coast-to-Coast Route Focuses on Early Presidential Primary States

The Tea Party Express announced today the full route and schedule of the upcoming national tea party bus tour. Titled “Reclaiming America,” this is the 5th coast-to-coast tour for the group, and will feature 29 tea party rallies in as many cities with extra time spent in states having early presidential primaries.

The Reclaiming America tour will launch on August 27th in Napa, CA and roll East to culminate in Tampa, FL in time for the Tea Party Presidential debate, hosted by CNN and the Tea Party Express.

The Tea Party Express will be inviting presidential hopefuls to join them at rally stops, giving candidates a chance to address tea party activists and ask for their support.

Tour Schedule:

Day 1: Saturday, August 27th
Super Rally in Napa, CA – 11:00AM
Reno, NV – 5:00PM

Day 2: Sunday, August 28th
Elko, NV – 12:30PM
Salt Lake City, UT – 7:00PM

Day 3: Monday, August 29th
Cheyenne, WY – 4:00PM

Day 4: Tuesday, August 30th
Lincoln, NE – 12:30PM
Omaha, NE – 4:30PM

Day 5: Wednesday, August 31st
Sioux City, IA – 11:30AM
Des Moines, IA – 5:00AM

Day 6: Thursday, September 1st
Cedar Rapids, IA – 12:00PM
Davenport, IA – 5:00PM

Day 7: Friday, September 2nd
Elkhart, IN – 12:00PM
Hillsdale, MI – 5:00PM

Day 8: Saturday, September 3rd
Farmington Hills, MI – 11:30AM
Cleveland, OH – 5:00PM

Day 9: Sunday, September 4th
Schenectady, NY – 11:45AM
Concord, NH – 6:00PM

Day 10: Monday, September 5th
Manchester, NH – 12:00PM
Nashua, NH – 5:00PM

Day 11: Tuesday, September 6th
Portland, ME – 12:00PM
Newton, MA – 5:00PM

Day 12: Wednesday, September 7th
Providence, RI – 11:30AM
Allentown, PA – 6:00PM

Day 13: Thursday, September 8th
Roanoke, VA – 12:30PM
Charlotte, NC – 5:30PM

Day 14: Friday, September 9th
Greenville, SC – 12:00PM
Columbia, SC – 5:00PM

Day 15: Saturday, September 10th
Charleston, SC – 12:00PM
Jacksonville, FL – 6:30PM

Day 17: Monday, September 12th
Tampa, FL – CNN/Tea Party Express Debate – 8:00PM