Tea Party Express Statement on NY-9 Special Election

Tea Party Express considered one of the most aggressive and influential tea party groups, congratulates Republican Bob Turner on winning the NY-9 special election yesterday. The Tea Party Express contributed to this victory by making the maximum allowable contribution, as well as making thousands of GOTV calls into the district.

Today Tea Party Express Chief Strategist Sal Russo said:

“As a candidate, Bob Turner was attacked for being supportive of tea party values such as fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets. In turn, his opponents chose to attack him for what they called “radical” beliefs. Turner’s liberal opponent Weprin said, “I’m very scared of his deep Tea Party philosophy,” and falsely accused Turner of wishing to end Social Security and Medicare.

“Turner’s resounding victory in a district favoring Democrats 3:1 is a bold confirmation that tea party values exist everywhere, even in supposed liberal strongholds. Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alike can look objectively at President Obama’s failed policies and see that empty speeches backed up by wasteful spending and more government bailouts only result in a stagnant economy, high unemployment, and falling consumer confidence.

“Republican Bob Turner’s victory is a repudiation of Democrats who seek to use the tea party name as a pejorative, and a confirmation that the vast majority of Americans believe in the core conservative principles of fiscal responsibility.
“Attacks on the tea party have fallen flat in New York City as well as nationwide, proving that everyday Americans are sick and tired of Washington’s failure to moderate wasteful spending and help grow the economy.”