Tea Party Express Statement on Raising the Debt Ceiling

The Tea Party Express, considered one of the most effective and aggressive national tea party groups, today issued the following statement from Chief Strategist Sal Russo:

“It is the height of irresponsibility for President Barack Obama and the Democrat led U.S. Senate to continue to ignore the excessive spending and debt accumulated by the federal government. It is unsustainable and jeopardizes the ability for our country to have a growing economy.

“It has become abundantly clear that the President and the Senate are unwilling to take any meaningful steps to put the United States on a sound financial footing.

  • They oppose a balanced budget amendment, which is the only way to impose any financial discipline in Washington.
  • They oppose a spending limit that will get America to contain spending and begin to reduce the national debt.
  • They oppose pro-growth policies that will provide jobs and prosperity, instead favoring more government spending and intrusion in our lives.

They oppose any meaningful cut or elimination of federal programs or agencies because they are more allied with the status quo than needed change.

“While we applaud the efforts of Speaker John Boehner to salvage some small steps to fiscal responsibility, we believe his proposals lack sufficient progress in getting America’s economic future on a better footing. We encourage him not to abandon the principles espoused in the Cut, Cap and Balance Act passed with bipartisan support in the House of Representatives.

“The ultimate answer must be the election of 2012 and the election of an economic conservative as President in place of President Obama, as well as the defeat of enough Senate Democrats to ensure a fiscally responsible U.S. Senate in the future.

“The Tea Party movement needs to replicate the electoral success of 2010 in 2012. It is increasingly obvious the current members of Congress and the White House are incapable to grasping the seriousness and urgency of solving the economic woes of our country. The Tea Party Express plans to focus on achieving those electoral victories.”