An Introduction

The Tea Party Express came into existence as the tea party movement was awakened by the famous Rick Santelli rant that swept across the country in February of 2009. This power and influence could not be ignored by the political establishment as the grassroots movement exploded onto the scene. Now, after five national bus tours and several regional tours that hosted over 300 rallies, the Tea Party Express has become nationally recognized for making a difference in critical elections. Now, nearly three years after our inception, we have launched a brand new website in order to better communicate with our supporters and to fulfill our campaign needs heading into the 2012 elections. We have found a need to share with supporters not only what we are currently doing, but also where we have been and where we are going. It was for this reason that our team came together to provide a completely redesigned website. Enjoy!


Home Page
Our home page allows you to see what TPX is working on with the sliding image box. Next to the slider feature you will notice three boxes that represent our core content: Tea Party Express Blog, Tea Party Talk with Amy, and Tea Party Express Radio Hour. Further down you can preview some of the most recent content we have posted, alongside articles that have been written about our organization and our efforts. Finally, you’ll reach our petition box, which will take you to the latest petition we are working to send out. We recognize the importance of keeping the pressure on Washington, D.C. by reminding them of the voice of “We the People” during various policy battles.

Tea Party Express Blog
Many of you have followed our activity by reading the emails that we send out regularly. However, those emails have not allowed us much flexibility in exploring the issues and our campaigns in depth. This blog aims to explain the views of TPX while sharing the details of our latest activities and involvement.

Tea Party Talk with Amy
Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer is constantly traveling the country participating in Tea Party events and advocating the six conservative principles TPX was founded upon. She will provide weekly updates on the movement and share stories of her experiences across the nation.

Tea Party Express Radio Hour
Tea Party Express has hit the airwaves with “Tea Party Express Radio Hour” – an hour-long radio program every Monday night where host Howard Kaloogian addresses the Tea Party’s most pressing issues. Howard is regularly joined by Tea Party candidates and elected officials, national pollsters, and other prominent conservative voices.

Sign the Petition
Politicians in Washington often get too comfortable in office and forget why they are there. However, Tea Party Express has developed a relationship through our bus tours and other events that allow us direct access to these legislators. We find it important to keep the pressure on them by voicing our opinion on various issues and legislation that affects “We the People.” You will be able to voice your opinion by signing our regular petitions.

Political Action
Tea Party Express is constantly making headlines by providing a platform that allows federal candidates the opportunity to present their Tea Party qualifications to their potential constituents. This will be the best way to see our goals and how we plan to achieve them.

Everything media is now easily accessible. From pictures of TPX rallies, to press releases, to interviews with TPX leadership and other miscellaneous videos, we have put the TPX media database in one place for your convenience.

We hope you have a look around and fill out our Contact Form and let us know what you think.