Government Spending Up 5% This Year

Federal Expenditures Reach an All-Time High

Sacramento, CA — Despite all of the rhetoric coming out of Washington about cutting federal spending and living within our means, the numbers don’t lie.  According to the recently released numbers by the Congressional Budget Office, our Federal Government spending was up 5% in 2011 over what we spent in 2010.   This marks the largest year of budget expenditures in our nation’s history.

The Federal government spent an alarming $3.6 trillion dollars in 2011, more than the previous year and even more than 2009 when President Obama pushed his failed Stimulus package through an attempt to spend us out of a recession.

“At a time when most American’s are struggling for revenue and are forced to cut back, it is unconscionable how our federal government continues to increase their spending and plunge our nation further into debt.   Our politicians arrogantly ignore the calls by the American people to rein in spending and they will pay the price again when the 2012 elections come around.  The American people are fed up with Washington lying to us to our faces while they are simultaneously spending out of their back pockets,” stated Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer.

“It is clear to us that we are taking the wrong approach here.  Government spending requires higher taxes on businesses and working people.  An economic recovery will not take place by growing the size and expenditures of the government or by taxing the wage earners, but instead by creating a business environment were businesses can grow and prosper.   Short term government spending will not provide long term economic growth,” continued Kremer.

Every year that President Obama has been in office he has passed a budget that has increased our national debt by more than any other president in American history by total dollars.  If you look at it by percentage of GDP, all three of his budgets have had a bigger debt percentage than any president since WWII.

The Tea Party Express will continue to work hard to get candidates elected who are serious about cutting government waste and spending.