Standing with Walker in Wisconsin

Today I’m in Wisconsin defending Governor Scott Walker and the Tea Party from leftist attacks.  In case you haven’t heard, the liberal establishment is attempting to recall Governor Scott Walker from office because he decided to stand up for Tea Party principles.  Instead of caving to big labor, Governor Walker courageously balanced Wisconsin’s budget and cut wasteful spending. Now, the Obama machine is furious that special interest groups are losing handouts due to Governor Walker’s fiscal responsibility.  Despite the fact that Governor Walker is improving Wisconsin’s economy, the left wants to remove him.

The Tea Party movement was founded on standing on principle and that’s what Scott Walker has done.  I’ve been traveling all over the state with fellow activists representing the Tea Party Express and explaining how important it is that we defeat the recall.  The Walker recall is literally ground zero for Obama’s 2012 campaign and it is imperative that the Tea Party wins this battle.  We cannot allow Obama and his minions to defeat Walker and go into the general election with momentum.  By supporting Scott Walker, we can encourage other Governors across the country to follow in his footsteps.  The liberal scare tactics and intimidation will not work!

That is why I am fighting back along with so many other great people in our movement.  The Tea Party energy is strong here in Wisconsin and the fiscal conservatives here will not allow outside liberal influence to change their state.  I have been doing media interviews and giving speeches about the importance of this election but the battle is just starting to heat up.  In the next few months, the Obama machine will spend millions of dollars and use thousands of activists to smear and slander Governor Walker.  We must put up a fight!

I am proud to stand with Governor Walker and defend him from this baseless recall. Governor Walker is a hero and America needs more leaders like him.