Conservatives Victorious in Nebraska Senate Primary

Tea Party Driving Force Behind 2012 Primary Victories

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, congratulates Deb Fischer on her victory Tuesday to be the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate.

Amy Kremer, Chairman of the Tea Party Express, said, “This U.S. Senate seat was sure to be filled by a conservative in November, and it is thanks to a strong and engaged tea party electorate that there were three good, conservative candidates in this race. We firmly believe primary competition strengthens the ultimate nominee, and this vigorously contested primary guarantees the best conservative will be able to take over this Democrat seat. Kerrey, despite being having lived in New York for over a decade, is a strong campaigner. Deb Fischer’s impressive victory Tuesday night proves she is the candidate that can marshal the best conservative campaign to win in November.

“We supported Attorney General Jon Bruning, and believe he was a strong tea party conservative. Jon will continue to be the aggressive Attorney General that is fighting against the encroaching big government from Washington.

“Former Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey has been recruited from New York to run as the Democrat candidate, and his success running statewide in Nebraska makes him a formidable candidate. Tea Party Express is committed to helping Deb Fischer defeat Kerrey and return this U.S. Senate seat back to the people and not to just another liberal Obama lackey,” Kremer concluded.

Tea Party Express has endorsed five U.S. Senate candidates, which include: State Treasurer Richard Mourdock in Indiana, former Solicitor General Ted Cruz in Texas, State Treasurer Josh Mandel in Ohio, former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman in Missouri, and businessman Tom Smith in Pennsylvania.