Tea Party Express Mobile Phone Bank Bus Debuts in Texas

Dallas, TX – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, is debuting its Mobile Phone Bank Bus in Texas this Monday and Tuesday for a Get Out the Vote push leading up to the state’s U.S. Senate primary on May 29th. The bus will then head to Wisconsin and tour the state leading up to the recall election set for June 5th.

Amy Kremer, Chairman of Tea Party Express, said, “This election cycle brings us to a very critical intersection. We can follow down the road of Obama who continues to expand the government on the backs of innovators and job creators, or we can restore the economic liberties, allowing the private sector to help us grow out of this recession. We believe in the latter, and the Mobile Phone Bank will be traveling to states that are key in promoting conservative free market policies.

“Reagan always said the power of a democracy is in an informed and engaged electorate. The Mobile Phone Center Bus is one of our ways to create just that. Local tea party volunteers will be joining us to utilize this state-of-the-art technology to make calls to voters. We will have 15 workstations on the bus, each with its own laptop and headset. Volunteers will have the opportunity to call their fellow citizens, share the importance of conservative policies, and encourage voters to turnout at the polls,” Kremer concluded.