Romney and Ryan 2012

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Romney and Ryan 2012
They’ll serve our country well
They’ll bring back our economy
They’ll bring back jobs for you and me
They’ll balance a budget that’s fair
And save our Medicare
If you’ll fix America’s woes
For Romney and Ryan you’ll vote
Well listen folks now to my song
And I’ll tell you why Mitt Romney’s strong
He’s a businessman with great success
He knows how to lower this country’s debt
He has a wife who’s proud to say
She loves every inch of this U.S.A.
A man of faith and integrity
He’s the leader now that America needs

Repeat Chorus

Paul Ryan will make a great VP
He’ll fight for America’s families
The Constitution will be his guide
By the rule of law he will abide
He’ll work for a tax code that is fair
And fight to repeal Obamacare
He’ll keep America’s future bright
And he won’t back down when he needs to fight

Repeat Chorus

Our freedoms here are now at stake
It’s a huge election make no mistake
If you believe in America and love this land
With Romney and Ryan you’ll take a stand

Repeat Chorus twice

If you’ll fix America’s woes
For Romney and Ryan, For Romney and Ryan, For Romney and Ryan you’ll vote