Trillion Dollar Stimulus Leaves America Frail

We hardly ever expect the federal government to spend our money efficiently, but this is beyond pathetic. Today, America’s unemployment ticked up a point to 7.9% – hovering just below the 8.0% complete failure mark. When President Obama chose to spend $1.2 TRILLION DOLLARS of your money, he promised that the unemployment rate would be at 5.2% by now. Instead, the unemployment rate is currently 51.9% HIGHER than he said it would be, and Americans across the nation are suffering.


This pathetic rate hardly even tells the whole story. It conveniently ignores those who have given up looking for a job, and the millions more who are underemployed.



If an ever-increasing unemployment rate wasn’t bad enough, everyday life continues to get more and more expensive. During this week in history, gas prices have never been more expensive:


While President Obama tries to spin this month’s jobs report as a gain of 157,000 jobs, he ignores the destruction his policies have done and the mounds of debt that continue to pile up. So in conclusion, watch the following speech from President Obama in 2009, and compare it to what we see today.

The Obama-conomy

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