Obama & Reid: Recalcitrant, Do-Nothing Democrats

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, slammed President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the Democrat-controlled Senate for their recalcitrant and do-nothing approach to solving the current debate on funding the government.

Tea Party Express’ Chairman Amy Kremer said, “For weeks now, Republicans have been alone at the negotiating table. President Obama and the Senate Democrats have ignored every opportunity to join their colleagues across the aisle to find a solution. Instead, they have been committed to taking the low road and filling the airwaves with demagoguery and name-calling.

“The result of this recalcitrant, do-nothing strategy is a government shutdown. Now, it’s the American people who are about to suffer the consequences of their inaction. Republicans leaders, fueled by fresh Tea Party energy in both chambers, have finally stood up to the big-spending, big-government ways of Washington. After having the first amended Continuing Resolution rejected by the Senate, the House responded immediately by sending a compromised bill, but there was no willingness to work cooperatively by Reid or President Obama. Republicans need to stand together firmly until Reid and Obama can put the interests of the country ahead of their partisan stonewalling.

“Now, without even a conversation with Republican leadership, Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate has rejected yet another attempt to fund the government. The Democrats like to campaign on bi-partisanship, yet their actions have been consistently hyper-partisan. It’s Washington’s responsibility to fund the government. However, it is hard to get anything done while the Democrats are committed to doing nothing,” Kremer concluded.