Tea Party Leader Amy Kremer Endorses Ken Cuccinelli

Richmond, VA – Amy Kremer, a founder of the modern day tea party movement and Chairman of Tea Party Express, has announced her endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia. Kremer released the following statement:

“Nationally, the Tea Party Express’ main priority is winning control of the Senate and taking the gavel out of Harry Reid’s hands. However, we cannot overlook the importance of this gubernatorial battle in Virginia. Ken Cuccinelli is a true fiscal conservative that will fight to cut wasteful spending and create private sectors jobs. He believes in the very same policies of limited government and pro-growth reform that the Tea Party movement has championed.

“Terry McAuliffe wants to expand the failing Obamacare plan, increase spending, and raise taxes. It’s no wonder why President Obama has been out campaigning for him – they share the same big government philosophy to governing. Under those tax-and-spend policies, America has seen anemic economic growth and sky rocketing debt. Virginia deserves better than that.

“Ken Cuccinelli, on the other hand, wants to make Virginia more competitive by lowering taxes, stopping Obamacare, cutting wasteful spending and strengthening the state’s economy. He has proven to be a fighter for Virginians when he was Attorney General and I am confident he will bring that same passion the Capitol as Governor of Virginia.”