“On the Campaign Trail with Tea Party Express” Podcast Features U.S. Senate Candidate Lee Bright

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, announces this week’s interview from “On the Campaign Trail with Tea Party Express” with State Sen. Lee Bright, candidate for U.S. Senate in South Carolina. Bright, who is taking on Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham in the primary, talks about his decision to challenge the incumbent Sen. Graham, as well as his positions on Obamacare, the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.

When asked how he earned the reputation of being the most conservative member of the South Carolina State Senate, Bright said, “A lot of key votes… One of the biggest votes that a lot of folks talk about is my vote against the cigarrette tax increase… I was the only legislator in the entire House and Senate combined that voted against that.” Bright concluded, “A lot of people run on platforms and like to talk, but I’ve actually done it. And I will continue to do it and if I am in the U.S. Senate there will be a strong voice for liberty.”

The interview with Lee Bright is available through RSS feed and iTunes subscription and is part of a series produced by Tea Party Express that will feature interviews with the various major U.S. Senate candidates seeking to win key competitive races around the country. A key objective of the Tea Party Express is to defeat enough Democrats in Senate races so Harry Reid can be removed as Senate leader and replaced by a conservative. Both endorsed and non-endorsed candidates will be given the opportunity to present their views to the Tea Party Express audience.