TPX Endorses Justin Amash

Justin Amash to continue fighting for America with a Tea Party Express full endorsement

It’s time for Tea Party Express to recommit to Rep. Justin Amash as he recommits to our nation in seeking another term in Congress. The U.S. Representative for Michigan’s 3rd congressional district, Justin Amash, has lived up to his promises when he first ran for Congress in the wave of success in 2010. It’s time to wake up Obama once again and let him know the American people will not stand idly by as our Constitution is attacked.

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Rep. Justin Amash called for us to “honor the memory of those lost by recommitting ourselves to America’s first principles and the defense of our constitutional republic.”

Justin Amash has consistently done this for four years and his work is not finished. That’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing Rep. Justin Amash for reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Justin Amash has proven through his past two terms in office he represents everything the Obama Administration is not.

Transparency and Accountability

Justin Amash has utilized social media through Facebook to post an accessible accounting of each vote he has made and why. Out of over 3000 roll call votes, not only in the US House of Representatives but also during his tenure in the Michigan legislature, he has never missed single vote. He holds himself accountable and makes his choices transparent to the American public. In the beginning of his tenure he signed the “No Pork Pledge” to decrease earmarking and increase transparency. Accessibility and transparency are among the last things we’ve seen from the current administration but Justin Amash is leading the way for more transparency and accountability from our elected officials.
National Debt

Government’s spending explosion poses one of the biggest dangers to our economic health as well as our national security according to Justin Amash. “If federal spending is not reduced, we risk a major decline in our economy that will harm all Americans, especially the poorest and most vulnerable,” Amash explained. “As a Representative, I will work to place the federal government back on a sustainable fiscal path, and I will support spending only for purposes authorized in the Constitution.” When Obama says there’s no need to worry about the national debt, Amash understands the truly significant and dire consequences arising from Obamacare and seeks to continue the fight to stop it.

Civil Liberties

Representative Amash is a fierce defender of our Constitution. He has been battling for our 4th Amendment rights and “to defend the privacy of each and every American.” He is an outspoken opponent of the NSA recording and collection of American’s data without probable cause or due process. Justin Amash has also actively fought against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the provision which allowed the indefinite detainment of citizens as well as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) which would give the NSA even greater access to our personal data.


Justin Amash understands protecting our personal liberties when it comes to our healthcare and supports full repeal of the invasive law. “Health care is a personal issue. I have pledged to repeal the federal government’s plan to force families and individuals to purchase government-approved health insurance,” Amash said. “We need reforms that will reduce the real costs of health care. I support allowing insurance companies to sell health care policies across state lines and innovative programs, like health savings accounts, that improve care and reduce costs by aligning the incentives of patients, doctors, and hospitals.”

Justin Amash is an active leader in Congress working to create real solutions. But most of all he strives to protect our foundation in freedom and his work is not finished. “I follow a set of principles, I follow the Constitution,” Amash once explained to the NY Times. “And that’s what I base my votes on. Limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty.”

Please join us in recommitting to Justin Amash for a third term in the U.S. House of Representatives as he continues to carry the torch of liberty and fight for our freedom.