Dr. Milton Wolf for U.S. Senate

By Donlyn Turnbull

Focusing on real issues which negatively impact Americans on a daily basis exists as our point of concentration here at Tea Party Express. Issues like out of control spending, higher taxes and the intrusiveness of government, including ObamaCare, are our points of concern.

Dr. Milton Wolf shares those same concerns and values; therefore we are proudly endorsing him for the U.S. Senate. We invite you to consider Dr. Wolf’s principles, beliefs and history then note how this is exactly what we need in Washington. Like his political ad says, “We’re not going to change Washington until we change who’s in Washington.”

The Constitution is at his core.

We desperately need true conservatives in the Senate that will uphold and defend our Constitution during a time when it is under attack like no other. “I will never vote for an appointee to any judicial post, cabinet post, or any other confirmable position who has a demonstrated record of ignoring the Constitution,” Dr. Wolf pledged. “My litmus test is the Constitution of the United States and if an appointee won’t follow it, I don’t care who they were appointed by, I will vote against their confirmation.”

He is a strong believer in tax reform.

Dr. Wolf understands our tax system and the IRS are out of control. “I strongly support the FairTax,” Dr. Wolf emphasized. He explains his support for a fair tax isn’t only because of the economic benefits but he admonishes the corruption behind our current system. “It will replace the current immoral tax code that is used to coerce Americans to obey the whims of politicians and it will eliminate the corrupt IRS that persecutes Americans for their political beliefs,” he said.

He passionately opposes ObamaCare.

Milton Wolf is a doctor, not a politician, as his campaign espouses. From the very beginning Dr. Wolf, who ironically is a cousin of President Obama, has been a strong vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act. In his book, First Do No Harm: The President’s Cousin Explains Why His Hippocratic Oath Requires Him to Oppose ObamaCare, he exposes the dramatic effects of this law which cares more for politicians than patients. Worse yet, Dr. Wolf sees what this bill is doing to the people in his home state. Insurance premiums have increased in Kansas a staggering 129% according to the Heritage Foundation.

“While the Constitution does not give the federal government the authority to interfere with our health care, the big-government types have been at work for decades and have, by any fair assessment, wreaked havoc,” Dr. Wolf explained in a Fox News article back in 2011. He rightfully explains how Government controlled healthcare is not a new idea but the same bad outcome is still occurring. “The first health care waiver was granted in 1929 when the American Medical Association successfully lobbied that Blue Cross be exempt from certain regulations and taxes. Thus began the era of crony health care where Big Government’s friends were more equal than the rest of us.”

He’s one of us.

Dr. Wolf knows all about hard work after growing up on the farmlands of Kansas. His father was a well-loved local Doctor and Milton followed in his father’s footsteps. He attended the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine, rising to become one of the top medical students in the nation. He’s continued to be a proven leader in his field.

Dr. Milton Wolf is a family man with Midwest values. He and his wife Karrie have two children together and have been married for over 23 years.

Dr. Wolf still believes in American exceptionalism. He stands by our founding principles and he’s ready to head to Washington to defend them.

Please join us and support Dr. Milton Wolf for the U.S. Senate.