Tea Party Express proudly endorsing Curt Clawson for Florida’s 19th Congressional District

By Donlyn Turnbull

Tea Party Express is proudly endorsing businessman Curt Clawson for the upcoming special election for the 19th congressional district in Florida. We are endorsing Curt for his many skills which we believe are exactly what the country needs to get back on track. The fact he is not a career politician is one of the reasons we believe he can bring clarity and solutions to troubled times. We appreciate the fact Mr. Clawson can utilize those proven skills, applying them to the “business” of Government.

Economic Growth Skills

Curt Clawson already possesses a plan. The Clawson Economic Growth Plan proposes a way to restore economic viability to Americans, providing more opportunities to get government out of the way and allow the private sector to do its job and drive the economy. Clawson incorporates his skills learned while earning his MBA from Harvard Business School as well as his employing his business acumen from years of experience. His plan calls for tax policy reform in different ways including cutting the current corporate tax rate in half, as well as lowering the capital gains tax and simplifying the corporate tax code. He also supports a fair flat tax for individuals. His plan would put more money back in the pockets of Americans and allow them to put that money back into our economy.

Job Creation Skills

Curt Clawson became the CEO of Hayes Lemmerz International when the company was over $2 billion dollars in debt due to mismanagement and poor business decisions. Curt accepted the monumental task to come in and turn the company around when the odds were clearly against him. Due to his expertise the company became viable once again and over 600 jobs were saved that otherwise would have been lost. He was able to effectively save the company through smart policies and decisions without receiving any tax payer bailout funding.

Curt wants to create an America that saves Americans’ jobs as well as creates new jobs through different avenues, as he points out in his economic plan.

These include:

  • Unleash America’s competitive spirit
  • Make America the best place for foreign capital investment
  • Ensure America retains its place as the world’s leading innovator
  • Support the creation of good paying, productive, private sector jobs
  • Business skills for health care reform

    It doesn’t take a degree to understand the negative impact behind ObamaCare. However, presenting solutions to the current health care crisis takes a full understanding of the policies and the effects behind it. Mr. Clawson supports a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act. He calls for reforms that place “patients and their doctors, not bureaucrats, in charge of health care decisions.” He seeks solutions by protecting those with pre-existing conditions, establishing health savings accounts and keeping choices in the patient’s hands.

    He also fully comprehends the negative consequences ObamaCare has on already struggling small businesses and it’s going to take “smart healthcare reform in order to get our economy back on track.”

    We believe Curt Clawson stands out from his crowd of competitors due to his strong conservative values and his many years of business excellence, employing those exact values. He’s demonstrated conservative policies create a thriving environment. Please join us in supporting Curt Clawson for Congress in Southwest Florida’s 19th district.