Meet Conservative Chris McDaniel

By Donlyn Turnbull

“If we fail, the country is going to fail.”

Regaining control of the U.S. Senate is imperative for the preservation of our Constitution and the reinstatement of eradicated liberties. However, it is also critical that we maintain a strong conservative core in the Upper Chamber. That’s why Tea Party Express has endorsed Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate in Mississippi. Chris is a State Senator who recently explained on The Blaze network, “our party has been lost. It’s abandoned its principles, and no more so than Sen. Cochran in Mississippi.”

With Sen. Thad Cochran becoming a part of the problem, it was an easy decision as Tea Party Express made Chris McDaniel our first endorsement of the 2014 election cycle in November of 2013. McDaniel expressed the indispensible truth that conservatives have to reclaim the party because of issues like out-of-control spending. He warned, “If we fail, the country is going to fail.”

“Spending is the problem…and it’s time we correct it.”

Chris McDaniel wants to hit our spending head-on unlike the incumbent. The constant spending and printing of money is “devastating to our future,” McDaniel said.

“The national debt is the greatest moral crisis of this generation,” he said. And in referencing his opponent, Thad Cochran, over his penchant for earmarks and voting to raise the debt limit, McDaniel’s added, “Let’s go forth from this place making it perfectly clear that the era of big spending is over. The age of appropriations must end.”

“End the rule of the permanent political class in Washington, D.C.”

Recently, the current Senator from Mississippi, Thad Cochran, told a local television station, “The Tea Party is something I don’t really know a lot about.” That’s not difficult to believe when you realize he’s been serving in D.C. for over four decades. Cochran’s focus has been on Washington, not We the People. Being out of touch with the American people is only one issue with the current incumbent.

However, Chris McDaniel is calling for an “end” to the “rule of the permanent political class in Washington, D.C.” And we believe he’s exactly the man to do the job in Mississippi.

“I’m a Reaganite. I’m a conservative. I believe in liberty.”

We look for candidates with the moral and courageous fortitude to stand up and fight for conservative values. McDaniel has mentioned his inspiration from those like Ted Cruz who have stood up to the status quo in Washington saying “Courage is the rarest commodity in Washington.”

“We’ve seen this before. Whether it’s Eisenhower–Taft or Goldwater–Rockefeller or Reagan–Ford — this is a continuation of that fight. I’m a Reaganite. I’m a conservative. I believe in liberty. And like a lot of Mississippians, I’m frustrated. We’re not heading in the right direction,” he recently told National Review.

“Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement is very important…”

We aren’t the only ones who see good things in Chris McDaniel. He has already been endorsed by groups like Heritage Action, the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks, Mark Levin and more. Now, he has been endorsed by Gov. Sarah Palin who said, “The Mississippi Senate race is a clear fight for the future of the Republican Party against the entrenched interests of the permanent political class in D.C. We desperately need new conservative leaders in the U.S. Senate who will serve with passion, intelligence, and integrity.”

“Governor Sarah Palin’s endorsement is very important in the state of Mississippi,” McDaniel responded. “We Mississippians are conservatives, and we share Sarah Palin’s passion for limited government, lower taxes, traditional values, and constitutional liberties.”

The time is now. And the person is Chris McDaniel. Please join us in supporting him for the U.S. Senate seat from Mississippi.