Innovative Solutions: Paul Dietzel for U.S. Congress


by Donlyn Turnbull

Paul Dietzel of Louisiana demonstrates the great American success story and we are proud to announce our endorsement for him for the U.S. House of Representatives for Louisiana’s 6th district. Take a moment to get to know Paul and learn why we believe he will bring the same solution driven success to Washington.


American Internet Entrepreneur 

Paul Dietzel was an entrepreneur from the very beginning, starting his first business while still in High School.  After attending Louisiana State University, Paul Dietzel achieved an MBA and Master of Public Policy from Pepperdine University.  After college, Paul founded an online company called Anedot which provides a way for non-profit organizations and others to accept funds easily through online and mobile donations employing the use of social media platforms like Facebook.

His innovative idea quickly provided solutions for his growing clientele and the company has become extremely successful.  Paul embodies the idea that innovation and hard work can lead to solutions.

Paul Dietzel, candidate for Congress in Louisiana’s 6th District, talks about his recent op-ed on ethics reform in the Daily Caller, as well as the national debt, Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, energy independence and privacy rights.

Why Paul is running.

As a millennial, Paul knows there are very few people in Washington fighting for the next generation. Washington continues to pile up outrageous debt on the backs of our youth.  Paul wants a say in what is being done to America’s younger generation. When asked in an interview which issue was most important to him he replied, “Protecting our future by paying down the National Debt, balancing the budget, get rid of ObamaCare, simplifying and lowering taxes, and get rid of the waste and corruption that runs D.C..”   Paul understands in order to “protect our future”, all of those issues must be dealt with to create a strong nation.

Please Join Us

Please join with us and support Paul Dietzel for Congress in Louisiana’s 6th district. Paul is a true fiscal conservative prepared to make the right decisions putting an end to the out of control debt and lack of fiscal responsibility in Washington. He’s ready to help steer this country down the road to prosperity and we want to help him get there.