Rivoli Revue

Rivoli Revue

Rivoli Revue

Singer/Songwriters/Entertainers and Indie Recording Artists Ron and Kay Rivoli are the epitome of All-American musicians. Not controlled by the establishment, the music of “The Rivoli Revue” is straight from the heart and souls of Ron and Kay.

Their music reflects their love for God, Family, Country and the American way of life. They support our troops and veterans and pay tribute to our fallen heroes as well as the families of those who serve at every performance. Ron and Kay have traveled all over the United States and Canada. They see and enjoy the freedoms and beauty of this great country and they present it all to you in song. Conservative faith based musicians their music reflects the core fundamental values that make this nation great and reflects pride in this country while celebrating the freedoms and liberty so many have fought and died for.

Their Youtube sensation “Press One For English” has over 14.5 million views. It is featured in a PBS documentary which has been viewed worldwide – “Speaking In Tongues” and has also been featured in an episode of the MTV show “DJ and the Fro. Jimmy Sturr, a seventeen time Grammy Award winning artist, released his version of “Press One For English” on his 2008 album “Polka Cola”.

Ron and Kay have appeared as guest musical artists on the nationally syndicated “Mike Huckabee” show on the Fox News Channel and had the honor of performing one of their original songs with Gov. Mike Huckabee and the Little Rockers. They perform shows in Nashville, Branson and Las Vegas.

For the past few years Ron and Kay have been active in the political arena using their music to fight for America. They have toured with the Tea Party Express on seven national tours and five state tours singing out in support of fiscal responsibility, smaller government and constitutional governing. Along with their other music, they were pleased to perform their soul touching patriotic tribute “Freedom’s Not Free” honoring fallen heroes and veterans all across this great nation. The “Right Network” recently released a video production of their song “Freedom’s Not Free” which can be viewed at their Youtube channel www.Youtube/RivoliRevue.

Exciting, funny, energetic and charismatic personalities, Ron and Kay Rivoli are awesome entertainers who perform to packed houses. Their comedic antics on stage combined with their music create a show that is pure entertainment. Their song “I’m Country and That’s O.K.” hit #1 in Denmark on the Nashville playlists. The music video has NASCAR Legend, and Daytona 500 winner, Marvin Panch making a special cameo appearance.

“Dear Grandpa and Grandma”, written to salute grandparents and the values they instill, has been used to honor grandparents and is played on “Grandparents Day” by national radio all across the country.

Ron and Kay have written many songs about life on the road, which are enjoyed by Rv’ers and truckers at rallies and gatherings in both the U.S. and Canada. They are main stays at the Tampa RV Supershow having performed an unprecedented 12 years in a row. Their show is perfect family entertainment for all ages and enjoyed at fairs, festivals and events nationwide.

The music of the Rivoli Revue has been heard by a worldwide audience to include the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, Japan, Germany, Scotland, Denmark, the UK, Mexico, and many more.

Ron and Kay have performed venues with featured artists, entertainers and speakers such as Pat Boone, Victoria Jackson, Jimmy Labriola, Sarah Palin, Stephan Baldwin, Tony Orlando, The Beach Boys, America, Lee Greenwood, The Spinners, Juice Newton, The Diamonds, Marty Stuart, Johnny Counterfeit, Steve Hall and Shotgun Red, Juice Newton, and many more.

Ron and Kay Rivoli of the Rivoli Revue are not just music – they are ENTERTAINMENT!



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