Tea Party Express Condemns Tom MacArthur for Insensitive Timing of Attack Ads

Omaha, NE – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, condemns New Jersey congressional candidate Tom MacArthur today for releasing factually inaccurate attack ads against Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate Steve Lonegan a day after news broke that his newborn grandson is in the intensive care unit.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “The problem with these elitist candidates like Tom MacArthur is that they stop at nothing in seeking power. Incredibly MacArthur decided to release two negative attack ads a day after Steve Lonegan’s newborn grandson was rushed to a hospital intensive care unit. While elections are competitive in nature, there are basic moral principles that should guide every campaign: You don’t hit a man when he’s in the ICU taking care of his family.”

“There’s a growing bipartisan recognition that the Hurricane Sandy bill was a pork-laden slush fund that did too little for Jersey homeowners. MacArthur’s cynical decision to attack Lonegan for opposing that wasteful bill is galling, especially as MacArthur—a former AIG executive—personally denied wildfire and Hurricane victims out of millions in insurance payments that they should have been paid,” said Budowich.

MacArthur’s insurance company has been forced by the insurance commissioner and judges to pay millions to a Christian college & homeowners devastated by wildfire. His company has been accused of “unfairly slow-walking, low-balling or denying claims” according to the Daily Mail.

“As we have seen in race after race against the establishment, character matters. If you don’t play fair with your customers, you won’t play fair with the taxpayers. MacArthur should show more concern about the Lonegan family rather than his own political ambitions. Tea Party Express is praying for the Lonegan family and little Alex as he fights to survive,” Budowich concluded.