Tea Party Express Endorses John Stone in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to endorse John Stone for Georgia’s 12th Congressional District.

 Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Congressman John Barrow has failed to rein in Washington’s irresponsible spending, crippling debt, and intrusive government. For us to get back on the path to prosperity we are going to need bold leaders with a conservative record, and Barrow has proven he’s not up to the task. That’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing John Stone for Congress. John was a Chief of Staff for conservative Congressman John Carter. He also served as President of free market non-profit, U.S. Freedom Foundation. He has been a conservative leader throughout his life and we are confident he will bring that same leadership to Washington, D.C.,” Budowich concluded.

 Statements from Local Tea Party Leaders:

 “For our district John Stone would make changes for limited government, financial responsibility and to balance the budget.  He would not only make changes in Congress but he would advocate change within the Republican Party and its leadership.”

-Jim Anderson, Vidalia Area Tea Party

“Our Tea Party, the Effingham County Tea Party, voted last meeting to endorse John Stone.  We are convinced he has the conservative values and the willingness to take on the leadership to return us to our conservative and constitutional values and principles.”

-Ken Baxley, Effingham County Tea Party 

 “The Board for the Heart of Georgia Tea Party Patriots voted to endorse John Stone after meeting him on several occasion. We have to have new views in DC to make change and John has what we are looking for.”

-Ronald Schwartz, Board Member of the Heart of Georgia Tea Party Patriots

 “John Stone is the Strong, Steady Republican Hand that will fight for We the People Again and Again!”

-Brian Slowinski, Columbia County Tea party Chairman