Tea Party Roars Forward After Sweeping Election Night

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, congratulates Tea Party-backed candidates Ben Sasse (NE-Senate) , Lee Terry (NE-2) and Alex Mooney (WV-2) for their primary victories tonight.

 Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Political pundits love to role-play as coroners, but they aren’t very good at it. For the past week the mainstream media has been pushing the recycled ‘Tea Party is Dead’ headlines, but tonight’s results show how again they’ve got it wrong. What these pundits don’t understand is the power of the grassroots and the broad appeal of the Tea Party’s message of fiscal responsibility and economic growth.

 “The victories of Ben Sasse, Lee Terry and Alex Mooney tonight, coupled with the victory of Curt Clawson in Florida in late April, prove the Tea Party’s momentum is continuing to roar forward. Just look at the races where the Tea Party movement is united and we’re winning. Our goal is to stop the Democrats and their liberal, big government policies that are eroding America’s fiscal solvency, limiting job growth, and infringing on our liberties, and we’re looking toward the real test in November, during the General Election, as we fight to take control of the Senate and expand our influence in the House by defeating Democrats with bold, Tea Party conservatives,” Budowich concluded.