Tea Party Express Endorses John Ratcliffe for Congress

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly endorsing John Ratcliffe for Congress in Texas’ 4th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “While we thank and honor Congressman Ralph Hall’s service, Texas’ 4th Congressional District is ready for some fresh, conservative ideas and energy. That’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing John Ratcliffe for Congress. The Tea Party movement has sent some of the most bold, reform-minded leaders to Washington, D.C. over the past 4 years and we are confident John Ratcliffe will join those ranks in fighting for fiscal responsibility and economic growth.

“Through his service as a U.S. Attorney, John has exhibited courageous leadership and an unwavering passion to do what’s right. As Mayor, he proved a balanced budget could be achieved without raising taxes—even in the toughest of economic times. That’s something he could teach a few of his future colleagues on the other side of the aisle when he arrives in D.C.,” Budowich concluded.

Comments from local Tea Party leaders:

Joe Harrison, Leader, Cass County Patriots
I am pleased to support John Ratcliffe for Congress in the 4th District of Texas. In addition to his proven record of leadership, I’ve been impressed by John’s commitment to engaging with grassroots conservative organizations all across our district. I believe John is exactly the type of conservative fighter we need in Washington to stand up to President Obama, stop the out-of-control spending, repeal Obamacare and preserve our Constitutional freedoms.

North Texas Tea Party Founder, Michael Openshaw
It is time. Ralph Hall has served as a solid conservative for a VERY long time. How long? I was in graduate school- and elected Denton County GOP chairman- and Ralph Hall had already served several terms- as a 100% conservative DEMOCRAT- in a district that represented part of that county. He has served the citizens of North Texas for the better part of two generations.

However, the need for aggressive, dynamic conservative action in Washington could not be greater. We need more than a solid vote; we need vitality and drive, and new ideas and approaches. It takes the right kind of candidate- one with political experience both dealing with Washington and the local issues, as well as a principled conservative foundation- to replace a legend. You can NOT replace such with a political novice, who will be devoured by the national Political Professional Class. I am convinced the John Ratcliffe HAS those essential characteristics of experience and principle and for that, John has my personal endorsement for what it’s worth.

A vote to give U.S. Congressional District 4 that new voice is NOT a vote AGAINST Ralph Hall and his legacy. It is a vote to give him the honored retirement he deserves, but is reluctant to take. I ask my friends within the district to consider it in that manner.

Collin County Conservative Republicans
The Collin County Conservative Republicans (CCCR) proudly endorse former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe for Congress in the 4th District. A proven conservative, John has an impressive record of defending the Constitution, protecting liberty and being fiscally tough. Like Ted Cruz, we see John being a fighter in Washington for repealing ObamaCare, stopping the out-of-control spending and standing up to President Obama’s reckless agenda. We are proud to stand behind John Ratcliffe in his May 27th runoff election.

Brent Lawson – Former Director of Conservatives for Republican Reform and TX-04 Candidate
I am pleased to endorse John Ratcliffe in the runoff election for U.S. Congress in Texas’ 4th congressional district. I appreciate the positive, solutions oriented campaign that John has run. In the short time that I have known John Ratcliffe I have discovered a fellow conservative with deep concern for both the future of our nation and the interests of our district. John’s proven track record of taking principled stands and keeping his campaign promises provides confidence that he will serve us well in Washington. We will be blessed to be represented by a man of accomplishment and character like John Ratcliffe.

For Congressman Hall I have only good will and I would like to express my appreciation and respect for his service. It has been a privilege to have an opportunity to spend some time with the congressman in recent days. Getting to know Ralph Hall has also deepened my appreciation that John Ratcliffe made it a point to be gracious and respectful when discussing the congressman on the campaign trail – both on the record and off.

While I am confident that we have a good choice in John Ratcliffe, we have no guarantee that another good option will be provided two years from now. The primary race this year might have seemed a bit of a circus, but it is nothing like the race we will see when Congressman Hall officially retires from service. For these reasons, and others, I would ask my fellow Texans in the 4th district to join me in being good stewards of this moment, and of the opportunity that we are given. Please support John Ratcliffe in the runoff election on May 27th.