Tea Party Express Endorses Ben Streusand for Congress

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to endorse Ben Streusand for Congress in Texas’ 36th Congressional District.

“Voters are ready to shake-up the go-along-to-get-along culture of Washington, D.C,” said Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich. “For the residents of Texas’ 36th Congressional District, that means voting for Ben Streusand for Congress. Ben is a self-made businessman that has proven through his success that he understands the economy and understands how to manage finances. He has been an active participant in our conservative grassroots movement, serving as Americans for Prosperity’s Texas Chairman. He also has been a powerful voice for fiscal responsibility as a political contributor to KSEV 700AM. We are confident Ben Streusand will be the bold conservative that the voters of Texas-36 are looking for in a representative,” Budowich concluded.

Comments from local Tea Party leaders:


“The board members of the Clear Lake Tea Party are in full support and are endorsing Mr. Ben Streusand’s candidacy for United States Congressional District 36. Ben has been on the front lines for many years fighting for freedoms so many take for granted. We believe Ben will go to Washington and bring “real” conservative ideals to a body of representatives that have long forgotten the God fearing roots of this great nation.”

– Robert Gonzalez, Clear Lake Tea Party Co-Founder and President


“Tea Party supporters are eager to see another Ted Cruz style political leader in Washington. We want to see something tangible, not the failed politics of current national Republican leadership. Ben Streusand is a strong leader, and I’m confident he will make a difference in DC. I’m excited to publicly endorse BenStreusand and I urge others to stand up and join me.”

– Aubrey Vaughan, Tri County Tea Party President


“We’re gonna send another Ted Cruz to Washington, this time to the House. BenStreusand has the guts to say he’ll stand up to failed Republican leadership – regardless of the political consequences. That’s the kind of Texas straight talk you can trust.”

– Charlie Greer, President of Battleground Tea Party


“After extensive conversations with both candidates, Ben Streusand is clearly the better choice to represent constitutional conservative Republicans. He has a passion to correct the wrongs of current leadership, which doesn’t seem to be a priority for the other candidate in the race. As we see our conservatism watered down daily in D.C. Ben Streusand is the clear choice for those of us who want to fight this trend.”

– Jeff LeBlanc, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus of CD 36


“Ben Streusand is the only candidate in this race who can be trusted to reduce government, not increase it.”

– Jeffrey Larson, Texas State RLC Chairman


“Streusand is the candidate most likely to continue the emphasis on limited government and challenging the party establishment which distinguished Representative Stockman.”

– Dave Nalle, Former National Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus


“Southeast Texans need someone with a strong personality to protect Texas from federal lawlessness in DC, and Ben Streusand is the best candidate to do that.”

– Jeff Sadighi, Chairman of the Southeast Texas Tea Party


“The Kingwood TEA Party is proud to endorse Ben Streusand for U.S. Representative from the 36th Congressional District of Texas. Ben has been an important ally to Texas TEA Party leaders, grassroots conservatives, and conservative Republicans in Texas for many years. We are pleased to have a man of Ben’s stature, commitment and experience in the District 36 race. His deep knowledge of the issues and his ability to articulate the conservative message make him the best candidate in this field. The Board of Directors of the Kingwood TEA Party has complete confidence that Ben will be an effective and articulate advocate for Texas conservatives in the US Congress.”

– Robin Lennon, President, Kingwood TEA Party