Tea Party Express Endorses Marilinda Garcia in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Marilinda Garcia for Congress.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “America’s economic and cultural greatness can only be fully ensured by conservative, pro-growth ideas. So if we are to safeguard future generations from the plight of liberal policies, we desperately need the leaders of tomorrow, today. Marilinda Garcia is exactly the kind of young, promising leader that will bring conservative solutions into the 21st century.

 “Marilinda has already proven to be a leader without limits. She has sponsored bills in the New Hampshire State House like the Innovative Job Growth program, which aims to infuse entrepreneurs with early stage seed capital. She has been unafraid to demand transparency and reform broken programs through her ‘Price Transparency Act’ and ‘Destination Specialty Treatment Center’ bills.

 “We are encouraged by Marilinda’s fighting spirit and adherence to conservative values. She will become a formidable force in Congress and a bold, conservative leader for years to come. Tea Party Express is proud to support Marilinda and urge voters of New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District to cast their vote for her on election day.” Budowich concluded.

 Comments from local Tea Party leaders:

“I’m very happy to support Marilinda Garcia who has dedicated her efforts to promoting smaller government solutions with less regulation and more personal freedom and liberty. New Hampshire residents will be very fortunate to have Marilinda represent them in Washington DC, with her message of opportunity for all.”  

Doris Hohensee, Candidate for State Senate, District 13

 “Marilinda Garcia is a great choice. Energetic and very smart. A great replacement for the current occupant of that seat. She represents young New Hampshire citizens and they should rally behind her.”

Ed Naile, Chair of the Coalition for New Hampshire Taxpayers

 “We need leaders, not administrators, bold solutions, not stale political rhetoric and the status quo. Marilinda Garcia provides a stark contrast to Annie Kuster. Marilinda Garcia, was a designated “Rising Star” by the Republican National Committee, and has worked tirelessly in the New Hampshire state legislature to make New Hampshire a more prosperous and economically free state.”

Aaron Day, Stark360 PAC Chairman

 “Marilinda Garcia will make a great addition to the U.S. Congress representing the citizens of New Hampshire. She will hold true to the conservative values of her constituents and deserves our support. She will be a much needed improvement over the current incumbent.”

Tim Condon, Esq., Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire