Election Roundup: What’s happening in your backyard?

by Andy Surabian
Political Director

After weeks and weeks of polls showing Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate Tom Cotton leading liberal incumbent Mark Pryor, the Democrats are calling in the big gun. It was reported that former President Bill Clinton will campaign with Pryor during a series of rallies throughout the state in an effort to save his flailing campaign.

While the Razorback state is a conservative by nature and has become reliably more Republican in recent years, we should not underestimate the popularity of President Clinton. Activists should keep out their get-out-the-vote effort in the must-win race.

At the beginning of the election cycle, Democrats began searching for a Republican held seat to target. They settled on Georgia, after finding Michelle Nunn; the daughter of a popular former Senator, Sam Nunn.

Unfortunately for Georgia Democrats, she has not been the prized recruit that they hoped for. She has routinely found herself on the losing side of polls to Republican nominee and businessman David Perdue, with the latest poll from Rasmussen only perpetuating that trend.

In a clear act of desperation, Democrats have gone all out trying to discredit David Perdue’s impressive business record by trying to make him out to be a heartless man who outsourced American jobs for profit. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth as Perdue was responsible for creating thousands of good-paying American jobs during his time serving as the CEO of Rebook, Pillowtex, and Dollar General.

We told you last week about how Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate Joni Ernst was beginning to pull away in the polls from Democrat candidate Bruce Braley, and we are pleased to tell you the good new continues! Ernst has outraised Braley in fundraising for the 3rd quarter by almost $2 million.

This is important because it means that Ernst will have the necessary funds to get her conservative message of reducing the size, scope, and intrusiveness of the federal government out to the electorate before election day.

Also, another new poll from the left-leaning PPP has come out showing Ernst leading Braley 44-42. Ernst clearly has the momentum in this race and looks to be in good shape heading into November.

Conservative candidate for Senate in Louisiana, Colonel Rob Maness, has long been viewed as the underdog in his race against Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Bill Cassidy.  However, positive movement in the polls, coupled with his hard work on the ground engaging the grassroots, prove that momentum is building in the Bayou State.

A poll from CC Advertising showed Maness rising to 17%, with Congressman Cassidy at 29% and Senator Mary Landrieu at 35%. It was only a a few months ago when Maness was polling in the single digits, however this poll, along with several others have shown that his solutions-oriented outsider’s message is resonating with Louisianans who are sick and tired of politics as usual.

Tea Party Express endorsed Maness back in May, doing a statewide press conference tour that concluded with a rally with former Gov. Sarah Palin at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Governor Palin was back in Louisiana last week rallying support for Col. Maness at an event in Crown Point, LA.

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