GOTV: Middle of the marathon

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

Have you ever run a marathon?

If you’ve participated in or even if you’ve stood on the sidelines cheering the participants, you understand it’s no easy task. And if you speak with any repeat marathoner, they’ll joke about how it’s not running the 26 miles that is difficult- it’s the last .2 miles.

It’s the same way in politics for many reasons. And with the upcoming elections we are crossing the last .2 miles of a very long race. If conservatives want to see big wins in the House and a real shot at recapturing the Senate, we have to take some good strong advice from our marathoner friends.

• It’s time to pick up the pace.
Most people believe races are already won or lost by this close proximity to Election Day and they tend to lighten up their efforts. But like any good marathoner, you start out slow and pace yourself but then you must push yourself harder and faster at the very end. This is the time we all must up our pace and efforts to lead our party to a victory come November 4th. This is the time to call more, walk more, outreach more and talk more about our conservative candidates who can return fiscal strength and prosperity to our country.

• Focus on the finish line.
Many candidates, staff and volunteers are exhausted by this point in the race. However, keeping a clear focus on the finish line just ahead will help rejuvenate your fighting spirit. We are only 6 seats away from reclaiming the Senate. There’s so many important reasons why winning the Senate is paramount; It will give Republicans a chance to actually get things done and help pass hundreds of bi-partisan bills just gathering dust on Harry Reid’s desk. We have the chance to turn a do-nothing congress into one that accomplishes positive results for Americans. We also would be able to stop Obama’s radical judicial nominations halting him from stacking the court system against conservatives. Not to mention, we could stop the ridiculous government spending and overreach that has been the typical status quo of this presidency. We can stop Obama with just 6 Senate victories.

• Every stride takes us closer to our goal.
As the mid-term election approaches we have to understand every effort takes us closer to crossing the finish line victorious. Every time we reach out to neighbors and friends through GOTV mobilization, we are taking us one step closer to the prize. Every call you make, email you send and neighbor you tell helps us all win. Each stride engages people in the political process and helps them to understand their vote counts.

Join Tea Party Express in encouraging the grassroots in your community to keep their eyes on the prize and keep fighting the good fight.

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