Tea Party Express Endorses Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate in North Carolina.

Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “For the Tea Party, 2014 has been about curbing the Obama Administration’s destructive agenda by taking back the Senate. Senator Kay Hagan, by voting with President Obama 96% of the time, has been a rubber stamp for the President’s tax-and-spend agenda and she must be defeated. She may not make time to show up for debates or important committee meetings, but she seems to never miss a vote that perpetuates the President’s failed policies.

“Thom Tillis is a strong, conservative alternative to no-show-Hagan. There is always a lot of noise in politics, but Tillis has been able to cut through all that to implement real policy reforms. By staying true to market-based solutions, Tillis paved the way for tax reform that will reduce North Carolina’s tax burden by $2 billion. During his time in the legislature, Tillis also reined in the state’s job-killing regulations. He strengthened the education program and fought to build a better future for the next generation of North Carolinians.

“In North Carolina the choice is clear. We encourage every conservative to unite behind Thom Tillis and stop the Obama-Hagan big government agenda. We are proud to endorse Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate,” Budowich concluded.