Tea Party Express Applauds President Obama’s Rejection of the Democrats’ Autopsy Report: Vetoes Keystone Pipeline to Stay the Course

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, applauded President Obama’s decision to reject the Democratic National Committee’s Autopsy Report and firm decision to stay the course of driving working men and women away from the Democratic Party.  He accentuated the point by vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline and denying thousands of Americans jobs and more plentiful gas supplies.

Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “President Obama’s veto sent a clear message to the nation, ‘Don’t change anything we are doing despite the political drubbing we have been taking; let’s stay the course.’ President Obama would rather pander to liberal elites and the environmental extremists than serving the working men and women who have been abandoning the Democratic Party in droves.

“According to the DNC Autopsy Report, Democrats suffered ‘devastating losses’ in 2010, 2012 and 2014. However, the conclusions of the report seem to be lost on the party’s leaders. Instead of putting the interest of American workers back in front, it seems like the party faithful will have to fall back in line behind the President’s ego and the agenda of the party’s elitist fringe.

“Under the Obama Administration, only the wealthiest one per-centers have done well.  Minorities, single women, millennials and hard-working middle class Americans have done worse.  With the veto of the Keystone Pipeline, it is obvious that President Obama has no interest in broadening the Democrat Party base beyond its current pathetic state.

“Conservatives were worried that the Democrats may have learned from the walloping they received in 2014 and begin to seriously contest elections in 2016. However, we can rest easy knowing that the Democrats are just as out-of-touch as ever!

“President Obama is further cementing his legacy as the most partisan and divisive leader our nation has ever known.  While that is good news for Republicans and conservatives in the coming elections, it is not serving the interests of our country,” Budowich concluded.