Jim Banks Endorsement

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses State Senator Jim Banks for Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Jim Banks has proven that when America needs him, he’ll serve. When called to serve in Afghanistan with his naval reserve unit, Jim deployed without hesitation. But now, voters in Indiana and Americans from across this country need Jim once more, but this time in the U.S. House of Representatives as Indiana’s Congressman for the 3rd district.

“It’s true, Congressman Marlin Stutzman leaves big shoes to fill, but Jim Banks has proven to be a thoughtful and courageous conservative leader in Indiana’s State Senate. Voter’s in Indiana’s 3rd District can rest easy knowing Jim Banks is fighting for them in our nation’s capitol. His career in the State Senate can be best defined by his commitment to small government and personal liberty. He casted each vote based on its effect on government. If a bill expanded government, Jim Banks was its first opponent. It’s no surprise that he has received a score of 98% and the Legislator of the Year award from the pro-free markets group, Americans for Prosperity.

“We need Jim Banks in the U.S. House of Representatives and he has heard our call. Now it’s up to all of us to help elect Jim Banks!,” Budowich concluded.

The following are statements of supports from local Tea Party activists:

Indiana State Senator Jim Banks is a proven conservative who has served out his tenure in the Indiana State House with a proven record of supporting Hoosier values. He believes in family values, and supports issues that are dear to those that live in his district. I believe that if he is elected to the U.S. House of Representatives he will continue to carry the torch in Washington DC and stand firm for the constituents of his district with steadfastness and thoughtfulness. Indiana needs strong and dedicated representatives in our nation’s capital. Jim Banks is the right man for the job.

-Emery McClendon, Tea Party Leader, Fort Wayne, Indiana

“We are supporting Jim Banks for 3rd District House of Representatives to replace Congressman Marlin Stutzman. Rep. Stutzman has chosen to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Senator Dan Coats. With Marlin Stutzman’s election to the U.S. Senate and Jim Banks serving in the House for the 3rd District, we believe that Indiana’s 3rd District would have the best possible people representing us in Washington D.C. Jim Banks and his wife, Amanda, have served our population extremely well as State Senators for Indiana! (Amanda served as our State Senator in the 17th District, by caucus election, this past legislative session in the absence of her husband’s service in the Navy in Afghanistan from September 2014 through April 2015.) Sen. Jim Banks serves with confidence yet is extremely open to discussion and in working with people he serves… His integrity cannot be faulted. His morals are held high and he and his wife, Amanda, both served under Dr. James Dobson in the Focus on the Family ministry as legislative advisors… They have worked tirelessly in the pro-life movement as leaders in our area, both in pro-life organizations and on the floor of the Indiana Senate. They are true conservatives whom we know place God at the head of their family. We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have them as leaders and role models for our grandchildren.”

-Max and Linda Zimmerman, Tea Party Activists, Indiana

As co-founder of the Whitley County Patriots, I am pleased to support the candidacy of Jim Banks. He established himself as a thoughtful, action-oriented individual during his service as Whitley County GOP chairman. As a state legislator, he has proven to be driven by a broad range of issues and is well versed in all of them. Through it all he has demonstrated a unwavering loyalty to his God, his family, his country and his constituents. All of this leaves me with no margin of reason to consider any other candidate.

-Roger Metzger, Co-Founder of Whitley County Patriots, Columbia City, IN

While many Republicans run as conservatives very few actually vote like conservatives when they get into office. That is the difference with State Senator Jim Banks, he votes like he talks. The reason Banks has racked up one endorsement after another from conservative groups is that he has a proven conservative voting record no other candidate in the race can claim. While there are other fine people running for Congress this year none have the experience and voting record of State Senator Jim Banks, and that is why he deserves your vote on May 3rd.

-Ric Runestad, Conservative activist, Owner of Runestad Financial Services, and host of the Ric Runestad Show on NBC.