Tea Party Express Endorses Steve Toth for Congress

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to announce its endorsement of Steve Toth in Texas’ 8th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Chairman Howard Kaloogian said, “If one thing is clear this election cycle, it’s that voters are tired of business-as-usual politicians. Congress has failed the American people, and it’s time to send fresh ideas to D.C. through bold new leaders. That’s why I am proud to announce Tea Party Express’ endorsement of Steve Toth.

“Steve is an entrepreneur and a successful businessman. He knows the importance of balancing a budget and getting the job done. He also is a proven conservative. He hasn’t only talked the talk, but in the Texas State House of Representatives, he walked the walk.

“Steve authored and passed the Federal Firearms Protection Act, a bill that protects Texans right to the 2nd Amendement. He also stopped the perverse spread of the bureaucrat-led Common Core from taking over Texas’ schools. As an unapologetic fiscal conservative, Steve earned the title “Taxpayer Champion” from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and was the “Top Rated Conservative in the Texas House” by the Texas Eagle Forum.

“By every measure, Steve Toth is a consistent conservative, just like another Tea Party Express-endorsed Texan: Ted Cruz. I am proud to deliver this endorsement and we plan on doing everything we can to make sure Steve Toth is the next representative from Texas’ 8th Congressional District,” Kaloogian concluded.

The following are statements from local Tea Party activists:

“Steve Toth is a totally principled conservative who led the fight as our State Representative in the Texas House defending our right to keep and bear arms enshrined in the Texas Constitution. His opponent has been in office over nineteen years. TX-8 is the fourth most conservative congressional seat in the country according to the Cook political report. Instead of voting with his district, Steve’s opponent went to Washington and became a member of John Boehner’s Palace Guard voting in a way that earned him a rating of “F” from the Conservative Review along with every Democrat. He’s a real go along to get along Representative. Steve is a fighter and we need his vote to reflect the values of our District and not the values of the Washington Cartel. Steve knows how to expose a voting record and is why he will win. I enthusiastically endorse him as does our Tea Party, the Texas Patriots PAC.”

-Bill O’Sullivan, Board Member, Texas Patriots PAC

“Steve is not just a nice guy, he is a proven fighter ready to take on the liberals. He will stand strong and is willing to pay the price for his convictions. Steve is a proven conservative and a strong Christian. He’s a man of character and courage, an experienced elected official (having served as a Texas State Representative), and to top it off, he’s a great communicator as well. There are very few candidates who reach the high standards of Steve Toth. That is why he has my full support.”

Political and Tea Party Activist Betty Anderson President & Founder, Montgomery Co. Eagle Forum

“I am solidly behind Steve Toth, and I don’t say that too often in today’s political environment where candidates say one thing to get elected and then act very differently once in office. I know him very well and he has a consistent record of what he stands for. He is not going to make promises and then get elected and reinvent himself. He will stand on his convictions, and Steve has strong conservative principles. He has been a Texas State Legislator, a Pastor and a Businessman, and he understands businesses and what their concerns and needs are. He is very good with people, is very strong in his convictions and is a great communicator. Steve has a lot of equity in this community. He is in every way the kind of candidate we look for. As a matter of fact, the Houston Chronicle wrote, ‘When Steve Toth threw his hat in the ring Kevin Brady finally had a creditable opponent.’ For the Houston Chronicle, that’s powerful.”

-Pastor Steve Riggle, Grace Church

“Steve Toth has a proven conservative record. In the Texas House, he worked well with fellow Representatives, while never compromising his principles. He was a faithful warrior for his constituents, not the entrenched lobby or leadership. We know that he can be trusted to stay true to his campaign promises in the U.S. House. I hope my friends will join me in supporting Steve Toth for Congress.”

-Cathie Adams, former President of Texas Eagle Forum 1993-2016, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas