Tea Party Express Endorses Mary Thomas for Congress

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proud to announce its endorsement of Mary Thomas in Florida’s 2nd Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “It’s with great pleasure that I am announcing Tea Party Express’ endorsement of Mary Thomas for Congress. Voters of Florida’s newly formed 2nd Congressional District deserve a strong, conservative voice in Washington, D.C., and that’s just what Mary will provide.

“Mary Thomas has an impressive background of service to the state of Florida and voters throughout North Florida. During her time serving as legal counsel in Governor Rick Scott’s Administration, Mary represented Florida during the negotiations that followed the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Mary also worked to resolve issues affecting military installations within Florida’s panhandle.

“But on top of her professional background, voters will be pleased to learn about Mary Thomas’ passion for limited-government and pro-growth policies. Mary supports a complete overhaul of the tax code, which includes eliminating the IRS. She also wants to bring some of Florida to D.C. by completely removing wasteful and ineffective government agencies, just like Governor Scott has done.

“We are glad to be joined by conservatives throughout Florida’s 2nd Congressional District in supporting Mary Thomas,” Budowich concluded.

The following are statements of support delivered by local grassroots activists and leaders:

“I was very impressed with Mary. She was very straightforward in her answers and that is a big plus in today’s political world! She was asked tough questions on the debt, immigration, unconstitutional departments, etc. Mary seems to have a very organized campaign and she seems to be very willing to sit down with anyone who is interested in finding our more about her. I support Mary Thomas for Florida 2.”

-Sharon Higgins, Tea Party Activist, Lake City, FL

“I support Mary Thomas for Congress to represent Florida 2. I believe she will be the one to expound on and work for the conservative values we so desperately need in Congress.”

-Mike Hill, State Representative and Tea Party leader

“As of right now, based on the information I have, I believe Mary Thomas is without a doubt the best candidate in Florida 2. We listened to her address the issues and we think she is right on target.”

-Charlie Perez, President, Gilchrist Tea Party

“I have been impressed with Mary Thomas’ platform of limited government and personal responsibility. From securing our borders to restoring the Rule of Law to unleashing free market dynamism – her positions are just what we need to regain our Liberty and restore our Republic. She announced on my show that she would immediately join the Liberty Caucus in the House of Representatives and challenge the Establishment Republicans to quit violating conservative principles and honor their oath to the Constitution. I encourage the Tea Party Express to consider endorsing Mary Thomas for Florida House District 2.”

-Burnie Thompson, Tea Party activist

“We listened to Mary Thomas at a Republican Roundtable meeting on Feb. 11, 2016. We found her to have Christian/conservative principles. Her presentation was delivered well, she was very prepared and organized. She gave specifics when talking about current, hot topics. She has already been endorsed by Club for Growth and The Madison Project. Her employment background in working for Governor Scott of Florida gives a very unique and important perspective that she brings to the office she is seeking. Bottom line, she is far more capable and prepared to represent us in Washington DC than any other candidate that we have been exposed to in previous campaigns. From our Christian, conservative, tea party, liberty loving perspective, we feel we have been blessed with a remarkable candidate in Mary Thomas.”

-James and Kathleen Gould, Grassroots Activist and Bay County Patriots

“I have supported Mary Thomas to represent the 2nd district of Florida since I first heard her speak about her experience and her policies of limited government as outlined on her web site www.runwithmary.com . I especially like the spending plan she has of reducing some of the departments in Washington such as the Department of Education, the IRs and bringing the EPA under control; along with the “Penny Plan” that would cut one penny out of every dollar that the government spends each year for five years and capping spending at 18% of GDP. This plan would balance the budget by 2019 and reduce spending by $7.5 trillion over ten years. This is a small sample of her conservative agenda that she plans to pursue when she gets to Washington in 2017. Mary is the real conservative vying for this seat now held by Democrat Gwen Graham.”

-Glen E Leirer, Tea Party Patriots Panama City