Tea Party Express Endorses Congressman Ted Yoho

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Congressman Ted Yoho in Florida’s 3rd Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “Washington, D.C. is full of career politicians that can talk the talk, but rarely do they ever walk the walk. Since we first endorsed Ted Yoho’s successful 2012 campaign, he has walked the walk and voters throughout Florida’s 3rd Congressional District should be proud.

“As a member of the House Freedom caucus and a leader in the movement to change leadership, Ted Yoho has proven time and again that he is willing to put his constituents before party bosses. Over the past four years, he has fought against executive amnesty, against Washington’s reckless spending, and he even returned $500,000 of his office’s budget to the Treasury to do his part in deficit reduction.

“Our only regret with this endorsement is that we don’t have more Ted Yoho’s running for office. We are proud to stand with Ted Yoho in 2016, as he looks to continue the people’s fight for a fiscally responsible government,” Budowich concluded.

Comments from local Tea Party leaders and conservative activists:

“I am writing this in support of my current congressman, Dr. Ted Yoho, who for the last 3 1/2 years has so ably represented the values of CD3 in Florida. Ted is a true conservative, constitutional patriot, conservative, Christian, and constitutionalist. Ted has represented my district in DC exactly as promised. He researches, carefully, all the issues and amendments before deciding how to vote and best represent what the district wants and needs. He has not been afraid to go against the party establishment (thank God!) and hold positions that are neither popular nor career building. He’s running for re-election this term, and will do so once more, fulfilling his campaign promise of 2011, not to serve for more than eight years. He is truly a citizen-servant of the people of CD3.”

Chris Summerlin, Tea Party Activist

“I strongly endorse Congressman Ted Yoho for re-election to Congress from Florida’s 3rd district. Ted is a conservative who lives the Constitution in his Congressional work. He is one of the few public officials who tells his constituents what he is going to do, then does it in DC. He is a sterling example of what a Congressman should be.”

J. Ronald Thornton, Tea Party Activist, Newberry, FL

“I wholeheartedly support and endorse Ted Yoho for re-election to the US Congress because he has proven himself to be an advocate of conservatism, he takes a stand on important issues when others won’t, and he never quits on something he believes is important. Congressman Yoho also takes time when he’s in his district to meet with us and he even takes time to listen to those who don’t agree with him or his ideals when at his town hall meetings. He is a consistent leader and a faithful believer in the US Constitution, which he carries in his coat pocket. He is a man of his word and in today’s world, that means a lot to us here at home and to those Americans he stands up for by being willing to stick his neck out, no matter what the “climate” of the others in Congress might be.”

Sherrie McKnight President, Gainesville Tea Party & Grassroots Activist Champion for Freedom

“Ted Yoho has been my Congressman since elected in 2012 until the court mandated redistricting put me in an adjoining district in 2016. He defeated an entrenched, well funded, establishment yes-man for the job in 2012 by personal neighborhood organizing. He said he was a Constitutional Conservative when he ran and he has remained true to his principles. He is a very unusual US House Member – he does what he promises and listens to his constituents. He said he would vote against the then House Speaker in 2013, John Boehner, and he did. He continued to do so until Boehner was ousted. Americans now know how bad the establishment sellout Boehner was. What they don’t know was the tremendous retribution Congressman Yoho experienced through this process. Yet he stayed true to his principles. Whether in person at town halls or on phone conferences, Congressman Yoho listens to constituents. He doesn’t talk or lecture, he shuts up and listens, looking you in the eye when face to face. He takes criticism well. His voting record has steadily improved since he has been in office, clearly a result of learning how Congressional leadership attempts to manipulate Members into following their direction instead of what is best for constituents and the country. Conservative voters have built a core of Conservative Congressmen, Congressman Yoho being a leader among them, who have become powerful enough and respected enough to positively impact House policy and processes. We need to send Congressman Yoho back to Washington along with more Congressmen like Ted Yoho to expand this group.”

Lane Watkins Conservative Grass Roots Organizer

“It is without reservation that I endorsed Ted Yoho in his re-election bid. As a lifelong resident and former Mayor of Hawthorne FL I can’t tell you how excited I am to now have Ted represent our area. I only wish he was there when I was Mayor. Mr. Yoho is one of those leaders who is eager to help citizens regardless of party and with no thought of what they can do for him. We need more Ted Yoho’s.”

John Martin, Tea Party Activist

“It is with great pleasure that I write and highly endorse U.S. Congressman Ted Yoho in his re-election bid. Ted has been a consistent voice for the Tea Party and the Conservative movement in North Florida. Ted led the fight to have a change at the Speaker of the House position. He continues to lead the fight against the Affordable Health Care Act. He has carried the fight to the liberals and has voted to uphold the Christian, Conservative values on which this country was founded. Congressman Yoho is a constitutionalist and the best candidate to bring the views of the conservative movement to the U.S. Congress. He will serve the citizens well with a steady hand and conservative heart and mind. As a 40 year veteran Law Enforcement Officer now retired, it is my sincere hope that Ted Yoho will continue to serve Florida CD3.”

Layne E. Schultetus, Tea Party Activist