Tea Party Express Endorses Marlin Stutzman for U.S. Senate

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly endorsing Marlin Stutzman for U.S. Senate.

Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “The Indiana Senate race is a clear example where the politicians and lobbyists in Washington have picked one candidate while the grassroots of Indiana have picked another candidate. We want to stick with the grassroots in Indiana and support Marlin Stutzman for U.S. Senate.

“As the old saying goes, if you need someone that knows how to get a job done, call a farmer. They have the practical experience to make things work. Republican voters on May 3rd have a clear choice, and we are happy to join with thousands of grassroots activists across Indiana in supporting the farmer, Marlin Stutzman.

“Marlin was raised as a fourth generation farmer, and you can tell the farmer’s spirit runs deep through his veins. From 2002-2010, Marlin served voters in Indiana’s legislature where he fought to turn a $1 billion deficit into a $1 billion surplus. But that wasn’t the only job he got done; he also fought to pass pro-growth policies that supported taxpayers and small businesses throughout Indiana.

“Then, when voters in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District sent Marlin to Congress, he took that same grit with him. He fought the do-nothing politicians in both parties, advocating for fiscal responsibility and pro-growth economic policies to help small businesses. That’s why he has won the ‘Guardian of Small Business’ award, ‘Champion of Small Business’ award, and has been named a Taxpayers’ Friend’ by leading small business and pro-taxpayer organizations.

“Marlin has the heart of farmer, the mind of small business owner, and the fight of a true Hoosier. That’s why we are proud to support Marlin Stutzman for the U.S. Senate,” Budowich concluded.

The following are endorsements of Marlin Stutzman from local conservative leaders:

“I have known Marlin Stutzman personally for 10 or 12 years. He is tried and true, tested conservative who will stand up for Indiana values and will stand against the GOP establishment. He a good Christian and an outstanding conservative.”

Emery McClendon, Tea Party Leader, Indiana

“I support Marlin Stutzman for U.S. Senate in the state of Indiana. He has an 80 percentile voting record and will stand for conservative values. I will work tirelessly to help Marlin become our next Senator.”

George Etheridge, Tea Party Activist, Corydon, Indiana

“I have had the honor of meeting Marlin Stutzman and he is a very strong conservative. He serves the Warsaw area and has always voted pro-life and on conservative principles. I will support 100% Marlin Stutzman becoming our next U.S. Senator from the state of Indiana.”

Pat Jones, Tea Party Activist, Indiana

“I fully support Marlin Stutzman to be the next Senator from Indiana. After a comprehensive study of voting records, I found Marlin is ranked substantially above the other candidate. Marlin is one of two Republicans that voted against the recent budget because it would take our country too high in debt. He is a true conservative in favor of decreasing spending and returning us to Constitutional principles. He has a Congressional voting record to prove he is a strong conservative. He does what he says he will do and is willing to stand up against the Republican establishment to take a stand for the families of Indiana.”

Kelly Havens, Indiana Tea Party Activist

“I support Marlin Stutzman 100% because he has the conviction to follow his principles instead of the party establishment. He understands why we are in trouble as a nation. He stands for life, religious freedom, the Constitution, and will stand for the conservative values. He will be a strong representative for the people of Indiana.”

Monica Boyer, President Indiana Liberty Coalition and Tea Party Activist

“I am 100% behind Marlin Stutzman. I will send money, walk parades, organize fundraisers, phone-bank, whatever it takes to see Marlin Stutzman is the next Senator from Indiana. He is a true conservative and was responsible for getting Indiana a lifetime carry permit, which is very important to me and my 2nd Amendment rights. He has not only my support but the support of many Tea Party organizations in Indiana.”

Bob Moore, Elkhart Country Tea Party and Tea Party Activist

“I support Marlin Stutzman because he has a very good conservative voting record that can be verified. In addition, he believes in the Constitution, free markets, national security, gun rights and is pro-life. What more can one ask for in a candidate.”

Teresa J. Ballew, Indiana Tea Party Activist