Endorsements: House of Representatives

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, is proudly endorsing the follow candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives.


Tea Party Express Executive Director Taylor Budowich released the following statements of support:


“Congressman Mike Coffman is the only veteran in Colorado’s Congressional Delegation and the only Member of Congress to serve in both Iraq Wars, so there’s no doubt that service to country has long been Mike’s top priority. Since being elected to Congress in 2008, Congressman Coffman has worked hard to rein in the out of control government, including supporting a Balanced Budget Amendment and reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are proud to support Congressman Mike Coffman for re-election.


“Congressman John Mica has long been a reliable conservative voice for residents in Florida’s 7th Congressional District. In Congress, Congressman Mica has been a leader in transportation and government accountability. He has fought to ensure the responsible use of taxpayer dollars and has rooted out waste and abuse. We encourage voters to support Congressman John Mica’s re-election!


Congressman David Jolly is the only choice for voters of Florida’s 13th Congressional District. While Charlie Christ has been on nearly every side of every issue, Congressman Jolly has been the responsible, results-driven conservative that the voters deserve. While in Congress, he has fought for border security, regulatory reform, and the repeal of Obamacare. We are proud to support Congressman Jolly’s re-election campaign.


“Brian Mast is a hero in every sense of the word. As a former U.S. Army bomb disposal expert, Brian has already served and sacrificed greatly for our nation. However, his drive and fight have not wavered – that’s why we are supporting Brian Mast for Congress. Beyond being a conservative wanting to rein in Washington, Brian Mast is a tireless fighter that will represent his constituents and his country with courage, honor, and integrity – just like he did in the Army. We encourage voters of Florida’s 18th Congressional District to support Brian Mast.


“Congressman Carlos Curbelo has put common sense solutions that will improve the lives of his constituents at the forefront of his campaign. But more than just that, he has put it at the forefront of his work in D.C. Prior to serving in Congress, Carlos Curbelo served on the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization, where he helped prioritize major transportation and infrastructure projects. He also served on the Miami-Dade County School Board where he was a part of an historic reform effort that led to major student performance improvements. It’s this background and his common sense, community-based solutions that make us proud to endorse Congressman Carlos Curbelo for re-election.


“Congressman Bob Dold understands that small businesses form the heart of America. As the former owner-operator of Rose Pest Solutions, a small business in Northfield, Bob understands the difficulty businesses face in operating and employing. That’s why in 2010, Bob stood up and led by running for Congress. Since arriving in D.C., Congressman Dold has fought for job creators and working-class Americans, both in his district and around the country. On the Committee on Financial Services, Congressman Dold fought for reforms to boost the local economy, and now on the House Committee on Ways and Means, Congressman Dold has been a tireless advocate for lower taxes and a simpler tax code. Congressman Bob Dold is a strong, conservative voice and he deserves the support of every voter in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District.


“Trey Hollingsworth is anything but a career politician. Out of college, Trey started a company to rehabilitate abandoned factories, to allow companies to start and grow in America – his firm is now one of the fastest growing private companies in America. After succeeding in manufacturing, Trey and a business partner started an aluminum remanufacturing operation, which now produces 1.5 billion pounds of aluminum right in Indiana. Trey is the kind of out-of-the-box entrepreneur-outsider that we need desperately in Congress. Couple that with his Hoosier values and you can bet we’re proud to endorse Trey Hollingsworth for Congress.


“Congressman Kevin Yoder is a 5th Generation Kansan who understands that local, community-based solutions are always better than those that a federal bureaucracy creates. That’s why, since taking office, Congressman Yoder has focused on balancing the budget, reducing the national debt, and helping private sector companies grow. We are proud to endorse Congressman Kevin Yoder.


“Congressman Bruce Poliquin is a businessman, former Maine State Treasurer, and a tireless advocate for residents of Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. For 35 years, Bruce started and managed businesses that created hundreds of jobs. As State Treasurer, fiscal responsibility was Bruce’s top priority. Bruce led reforms that eliminated $1.7 billion of pension debt leading to a $200 million per year reduction of government spending. Now, as a member of Congress, Bruce Poliquin has brought that same kind of even-handed, fiscally responsible approach to reining in the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government. That’s why he has earned the support of Tea Party Express and deserves your vote for re-election.


“Jack Bergman is a political outsider, a three star general, and an entrepreneur who couples his small town values with the fight of a marine. And his philosophy is simple: Americans can make better decisions for themselves than some bureaucrats in D.C. We are supporting Jack Bergman for Congress because voters of Michigan’s 1st District deserve a representative who understands how to get things done and is not beholden to special interest.


“Congressman Tim Walberg is a conservative leader who listens. He has hosted hundreds of town hall meetings across his district to listen to his constituents – and we can he’s listening. Congressman Walberg has been a tireless advocate for the taxpayer, fighting for policies that increase economic growth, rein in government debt, and returns power to the voter, instead of some government bureaucrat. We are proud to stand with Congressman Tim Walberg and support his re-election campaign.


“Jason Lewis has long been a voice for conservative ideas and solutions. Jason has advocated for fiscal responsibility, Constitutional limits, and lower taxes – including organizing one of the largest tax rallies in Minnesota’s history. There are very few candidates that have Jason’s extensive record of fighting for conservatism, even when it meant standing up to the powers that be. Jason has been the voice of millions for years, and now that he is seeking to represent the voters of Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, we couldn’t be more proud to endorse his candidacy.


“Congressman Erik Paulsen service in Congress and specifically on the House Ways and Means Committee has been defined by his pursuit of fiscal responsibility, pro-growth tax reform, and accountability. Congressman Paulsen 16 years of business experience prior to joining Congress guide his fight for small business and American taxpayers. We are proud to endorse Congressman Paulsen’s re-election and encourage voters throughout Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District to cast their ballot in support of Erik Paulsen.


“Stewart Mills is not a politician or a lawyer, he’s a 6th Generation Minnesotan that has worked for nearly three decades at his family’s businesses, Mills Fleet Farm and Mills Automotive Group. Through this work, Stewart Mills has learned the meaning of hard work, job creation, and solution-oriented growth. He is going to take the same community-based drive to Washington, D.C. to represent the voters of Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. That’s why Tea Party Express is proud to support his campaign.


“Don Bacon is retired from the Air Force after nearly 30 years of service as a Brigadier General who deployed four times and served 16 different assignments across the world. That’s enough service to warrant a lifetime of thanks. However, Don’s drive to serve his country continues and we are proud to stand and support him. Don Bacon understands how to get a job done, and right now, America could use more people like Don Bacon. He’s a conservative that understands the importance of fiscal responsibility and a limited federal government. That’s why we are encouraging voters throughout Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District to cast their ballot in support of Don Bacon.


“Congressman Cresent Hardy is conservatives’ best choice to prevent the ultra-liberal, Ruben Kihuen, from taking his tax-and-spend policies to Congress. While Kihuen has bragged about championing the largest tax increase in Nevada history, Cresent Hardy has been fighting in Congress to defend Nevada taxpayers by simplifying the tax code, reduce the tax burden, and reining in the federal government. Residents and taxpayers in Nevada’s 4th Congressional District can count on Cresent Hardy to continue fighting for them in Congress, that’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing Congressman Cresent Hardy’s re-election campaign.


“Congressman Scott Garrett serves in Congress as the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets and is a senior member of the budget committee where he has fought to rein in the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government. Tea Party Express is proud to support Congressman Scott Garrett re-election based on his tireless work to eliminate federal waste and abuse, while advocating on behalf of the taxpayers both within New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District and across America.


“Congressman Lee Zeldin couples his military background with his conservative values to tirelessly fight for his constituents. As a New York State Senator, Lee Zeldin worked to rein in government by successfully repealing the MTA Payroll Tax and Saltwater Fishing License Fee, understanding money is better left in the pockets of taxpayers, instead of in the hands of bureaucrats. Lee Zeldin has continued that fight for a limited, Constitutional government since arriving in Congress. That’s why Tea Party Express has proudly endorsed his re-election campaign.


“John Faso has long been known for being a tight-fisted conservative that has fought to ensure fiscal responsibility. During his time in the New York State Assembly, John Faso successfully fought for real balanced budgets, which included eliminating the state’s $5 billion deficits. John Faso is the kind of get-it-done fiscal conservative that we need in Congress, that’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing his campaign.


“Congressman Will Hurd has been a vocal advocate for Texas values in Congress. Congressman Hurd understands the threats posed by an overzealous federal government on South and West Texas jobs. That’s why he’s fighting against federal bureaucrats in the EPA and IRS who are stifling growth throughout his district and across this country. Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Congressman Will Hurd’s campaign for re-election.


“Lloyd Smucker in a diligent economic conservative who will be a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and economic growth in Congress. While in the Pennsylvania State Senate, Lloyd opposed Governor Wolf’s bloated budget and crippling tax increases. Moreover, Lloyd Smucker championed budgets that didn’t raise taxes and responsibly managed spending. Taxpayers of Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional District deserves someone like Lloyd Smucker, who will tirelessly fight for fiscal responsibility and bureaucratic accountability. That’s why Tea Party Express is endorsing Lloyd Smucker for Congress.


“Congresswoman Mia Love is exactly who she told voters she would be: a conservative fighter that would get things done. That’s why, since arriving in Congress, Mia has introduced or co-introduced more than 10 pieces of legislation addressing issues like college affordability, medical doctor shortages, veteran’s benefits, access to credit, and labor issue. Tea Party Express proudly endorses Congresswoman Love’s re-election because she the kind of representative that the voters of Utah’s 4th District deserves.

“Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, after 30 years of leadership throughout Virginia’s 10th District, is not only a voice for her community, but she’s a friend and advocate for taxpayers everywhere. Congresswoman Comstock successfully fought for a $600 billion tax relief bill that helps middle class families across the country. Congresswoman Comstock has long been a principled conservative fighter and she deserves to continue her fight for fiscal responsibility and economic growth as the representative for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District. Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.


“Mike Gallagher represents the next generation, conservative leadership that will tackle today’s problems today, rather than kicking the can down the road. Mike Gallagher’s distinguished career in the Marine Corps and background as a counterterrorism and intelligence expert will provide voters of Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District with someone who not only will talk the talk, but also will walk the walk. Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Mike Gallagher for Congress,” Budowich concluded.


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