What Happened on Election Night

Last night shocked everyone in the mainstream media, everyone in the political class, and all of the liberals who were blinded by the failures of the progressive agenda. They just couldn’t understand the Trump appeal and what the Tea Party has achieved.

However, we weren’t surprised.

We, the conservative voters and activists across the nation who are tired of the liberal media, tired of the political class, and tired of continued failure with the liberal agenda, were not surprised. Instead of just sitting back and complaining, we hit the ground and took our country back.

It started small with our Tea Party Express rallies in 2009, with upsetting the status quo by taking the House of Representatives in 2010. Then, we took the Senate in 2014, and finally, we won nationally by electing a conservative President.

Here’s what we just happened:

  • The talking heads said we might lose the Tea Party-majority in the House and Nancy Pelosi could return as Speaker, but they were wrong!

  • They said we’d lose the Senate for sure and they would defeat several Tea Party-elected Senators, but they were wrong!

  • And they said that Hillary Clinton would be the next President of the United States with a left-wing agenda, but they were wrong!

Today is a day to celebrate. And we will. But after 8 years of failed leadership, we must not let jubilee cloud the challenges in front of us.

President Trump will be confronted by one, if not more, appointments to the Supreme Court. A health care system that has been devastated by Obamacare. An economy that has been crippled by big government regulations and taxes. A foreign policy that encourages our enemies and dismays our friends. And a country that has NOW sent a mandate to Washington, D.C.:

Make America Great Again!

During this election, that theme was mocked, but here’s what it means to us.

It means that we will no longer punish those who try to create jobs. We will no longer run up crippling debt on the American taxpayers and their children. And we will finally return to a promising vision of economic growth and individual freedom.

So, even as we celebrate President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory, along with the continued conservative majorities in Congress, we must look towards policy – the policies that will ensure that America is indeed great again.

That’s why I am proud and excited to announce our next campaign, and we need your continued support and help.

In 2010, we took the House of Representatives. In 2014, we took the U.S. Senate. And finally, in 2016, we took the White House. Now, in 2018, we will secure a 60-seat majority in the Senate that will finally champion conservative ideas.

Our campaign, The Senate 60, will ensure a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate in 2018. Because there are so many Democrat incumbent Senators in red states, we have a rare opportunity in the next election to make dramatic gains in the U.S. Senate. We can end the gridlock that has kept our Republican Congress from getting things done and enact a conservative agenda.

Over the next 24 months, we will target and engage activists throughout Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. We are celebrating today, but we can’t lose sight of the work we have in front of us to finish the job we started in 2010.

2018 is our opportunity to finally and unequivocally reject the failed big government, progressive policies of yesterday. It’s our opportunity to chart a new course. Please, join us today in this mission by renewing your Tea Party Honor Guard commitment with a monthly, recurring contribution. Thank you for your support.

In Liberty,

Sal Russo
Co-Founder and Chief Strategist
Tea Party Express PAC