Tea Party Express Endorses Alan Cobb for Congress (KS-04)

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, proudly endorses Alan Cobb for Congress in Kansas’ 4th Congressional District.

Tea Party Express’ Executive Director Taylor Budowich said, “As we looked at the candidates to replace Congressman Pompeo, there were three factors that drove our decision. We wanted to find a consistent conservative in the mold of Congressman Pompeo. We wanted to find someone with a broad background and skill set. And finally, we wanted to find someone who understands the importance of the grassroots activists and the concerns of the forgotten Americans who President Trump gave voice to during his campaign.

“It’s our conclusion that the person who best satisfies those three priorities is Alan Cobb, and the Tea Party Express is proud to announce our support for Alan Cobb for Congress and recommend him as the Republican nominee in the 4th Congressional District of Kansas.

“Alan Cobb has private sector business experience, working for Koch Industries and serving as a board member of the Wichita Independent Business Association and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce. He has shown tremendous grassroots leadership, serving as the Kansas State Director for Americans for Prosperity. And he has public policy experience, serving as an advisor to Former Congressman Pompeo and Donald J. Trump for President.

“Alan Cobb is someone who we will be proud to have as a representative because he is someone who will fight tirelessly for the voters of Kansas’ 4th Congressional District. We encourage the delegates at Thursday’s convention to support Alan Cobb’s nomination,” Budowich concluded.