Tea Party Express Endorses Mark Harris for U.S. Congress in North Carolina

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party political action committee, is pleased to announce its endorsement of Mark Harris for Congress in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District.

Tea Party Express Co-Founder and Chief Strategist Sal Russo said, “Mark Harris is a true conservative outsider and exactly the kind of principled leader we need in Congress. Not only is he committed to reducing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government, but he also supports the pro-growth policies that are restoring American prosperity. Like his good friend Governor Mike Huckabee, he is also an inspiring messenger.

“Mark is a man of character and integrity who understands the values that make America great. He spent twelve years as the Pastor of First Baptist Church in Charlotte, served as President of the Baptist State Convention, and has been active in North Carolina politics on the grassroots level. Mark will be a critical ally in Congress as conservatives fight to further simplify the tax code, implement free market healthcare solutions, and break the backs of the special interests and lobbyists.

“But if the Democrats succeed in retaking control of the House, the successful conservative agenda that is injecting life into the economy and draining the swamp in Washington will come to a grinding halt. They are so desperate to regain power that they have recruited liberals to run as moderates in conservative districts, hoping that voters won’t discover their true goals: more failed big government programs, higher taxes, and an economy shackled by overregulation. We encourage Ninth District voters to make their voices heard on November 6th by voting for the candidate who will defend liberty and prosperity, Mark Harris,” Russo concluded.