2020 Update: Senate 60

Senate by State Overview

Tea Party Express was instrumental in helping conservatives gain back control of both the House and the Senate and send Donald Trump to the White House. Yet one roadblock still remains to passing a conservative agenda in Washington, DC. Conservatives only hold 51 seats in the Senate, which means liberal Democrats can still hold our priorities hostage through the filibuster.

It takes 60 votes to stop a filibuster, which means that Republicans are 9 votes short. Tea Party Express introduced our Senate 60 Campaign in 2017. A battle plan for defeating the vulnerable liberal Senators who stand in the way of fully conservative government. In today’s climate these Senators are not hard to find. Going into 2020 we continue to focus on the task of achieving a Senate 60.

We are focused on several Senate seats in 2020 that provide the greatest opportunity for a conservative candidate to beat a liberal Democrat incumbent. If we can defeat these 5 liberal Senators we are that much closer to a Senate 60, with only need 4 more victories to a filibuster-proof majority in 2022.

Doug Jones – Alabama

Tina Smith – Minnesota

Jeanne Shaheen – New Hampshire

Tom Udall – New Mexico

Mark Warner – Virginia

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