For Immediate Release: May 18, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC: Conservatives applaud President Trump’s nomination of Russ Vought to be the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Russ Vought is both extremely capable and qualified to officially take the helm at OMB.

Not only has he been a member of the Trump administration since the transition, he has served as Deputy Director of OMB since 2017 and Acting Director since 2019.

Through it all, Russ has shown himself accomplished and talented at managing OMB – the hub of executive activity — as well as efficiently executing the president’s agenda. Under his management, OMB produced three presidential budgets that not only balanced in 10-15 years, but included the largest spending reductions of any budget in U.S. history.

He has overseen the implementation of sweeping pro-life policies, including the ban on the use of fetal tissue from aborted babies in federal research programs, and numerous conscience protections in programs throughout the government.

Under Russ’s leadership, OMB has also undertaken historic efforts at reducing the regulatory burden on Americans and their businesses. In 2019, OMB oversaw deregulatory efforts that resulted in the dismantling of four regulations for every new one – actions that saved the American people $13 billion in overall regulatory costs. Included in this effort were two Executive Orders to stop government bullying of small businesses and families.

The success of Russ Vought’s tenure at OMB speaks not only to the depth of his experience and expertise, but to his integrity. During his last confirmation he withstood disgusting, religiously bigoted attacks from Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – attacks that no American should ever face – and he did so with the class, professionalism, and grace that is the hallmark of his character.

Whether inside of government or out, Russ has gained the respect and trust of his colleagues, including those at OMB. His vision and voice are needed more than ever as the federal government seeks to navigate the unprecedented circumstances arising around the COVID19 pandemic.

We give his nomination our strongest endorsement and urge the Senate to confirm Russ Vought without delay.