We’ve won our first contested primary of 2012!

Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate Josh Mandel was victorious in winning the Republican nomination for Senate yesterday in Ohio, and will now move on to defeat liberal Democrat incumbent Sherrod Brown. This was the first of many successes for Tea Party Express candidates in 2012.

Take a look at Josh Mandel’s primary night message to the Ohio voters:

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Mar 5, 2012: The Tea Party Express Hour with Howard Kaloogian

Sarah Steelman, U.S. Senate candidate from Missouri
Ken Marrero, Blue Collar Muse blogger and Tennessee Tea Party member

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Ted Cruz: Spending

Last week we brought you Ted Cruz: The Stakes, the first in a series of videos comparing and contrasting Ted Cruz’s record with that of Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. Today we bring you “Spending,” which lays out a major contrast on who is best qualified to go to Washington and make real spending cuts. Watch the video:

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Standing with Walker in Wisconsin

Today I’m in Wisconsin defending Governor Scott Walker and the Tea Party from leftist attacks.  In case you haven’t heard, the liberal establishment is attempting to recall Governor Scott Walker from office because he decided to stand up for Tea Party principles.  Instead of caving to big labor, Governor Walker courageously balanced Wisconsin’s budget and cut wasteful spending. Now, the Obama machine is furious that special interest groups are losing handouts due to Governor Walker’s fiscal responsibility.  Despite the fact that Governor Walker is improving Wisconsin’s economy, the left wants to remove him.
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