Richard Cash – U.S. Senate Candidate from South Carolina

Richard Cash, candidate for U.S. Senate in South Carolina, talks about the important lessons he learned from his 2010 Congressional race, as well as the challenges of taking on an incumbent Republican Senator, his career as a pro-life activist, the Ryan budget deal, the omnibus spending bill and the leverage that Republicans must use with the debt ceiling.
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Sen. Harry Reid an Obstacle in Promoting Economic Growth

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest tea party political action committee, criticizes Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for opposing the one thing in President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech that might actually lead to economic growth — fast tracking free trade agreements.
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Black America: Stop The Insanity

By Lloyd Marcus

Remember that spiky-haired blonde lady fitness guru all over TV years ago? Her famous line was “Stop the insanity!” As a common sense thinking black conservative, I offer the same clarion call to fellow black Americans, “Stop the insanity!” Why do you continue sleeping with the enemy; voting for liberal Democrats whose policies imply that you are inferior, stupid and culturally immoral?
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