Impeachment Defense Fund

As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Tea Party movement, it is indisputable that one of the greatest accomplishments of this patriots’ movement has been to help elect President Donald Trump.  Studies have shown that the Tea Party movement played a pivotal role in helping President Trump overcome the establishment, which at the time vehemently opposed Trump’s candidacy.

So it is only fitting that now, as we face a despicable effort by Democrats to impeach President Trump, we at Tea Party Express rally around our President and let him know that we still have his back – and that we are thankful for all that he has done to Make America Great Again!

We need your immediate assistance in the form of a financial contribution to our Impeachment Defense Fund – to not only fight back against the Left’s impeachment efforts, but to also defeat every  last Congressman in the House or Senate who dares to vote to impeach our great President. 

That is exactly where Tea Party Express has excelled with your support. Our 511 rallies across the nation engaged conservatives in 2010 to take back the House, and in 2014 to take back the Senate, and then again in 2016 to help elect President Trump.  We expanded the number of conservatives in every election.

Today, we are facing an awesome challenge.  We must defeat these far left Democrats who are running in 2020 and put an end to all of this impeachment nonsense.  And while we are at it, keep getting conservatives engaged for the epic battle to re-elect President Trump.

Can I count on your support for our President? You were with us when we faced the Left, the Democratic Party, the media – and even the GOP establishment.  Now I need your support once more, and I am asking you to make a contribution  to our Impeachment Defense Fund.