Where are the jobs?

President Obama claimed that his $1.2 Trillion dollar stimulus program would create jobs.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t.  Today, nearly three years later, America has even more unemployment accompanied with much more debt  The American people have given Obama an opportunity to prove himself and he has clearly failed.
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What Obama Has Brought to You!

By Howard Kaloogian

Obama is on pace to add $6.2 Trillion to the national debt in his 4 year term. That is more debt than the nation accumulated from George Washington’s first day as President until the end of Bill Clinton’s last day, combined.
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Obama Birth Control Mandate Takes Assault on Constitution, Religious Liberty to New Heights

By Ted Cruz, Tea Party Express-endorsed candidate for US Senate in Texas

President Obama’s contraception mandate on religious organizations captures several aspects of his far-left ideology: 1) his assault on the Constitution, particularly the First Amendment; 2) his disdain for religious liberty, and 3) his aggressive consolidation of federal power.
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Obama’s 2013 Budget is Confronted with Tea Party Disapproval

Tea Party Express Condemns “Reckless and Negligent” Budget Proposal

Sacramento, CA – Tea Party Express, the nations largest Tea Party political action committee, came out immediately to condemn Obama’s 2013 Budget Proposal today, calling it “reckless and negligent.”
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