GOTV: Headed for the Grand Finale

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

Everyone enjoys a great fireworks show. It’s fun watching each unique display light up the sky, but the best part is always the grand finale. That’s when suddenly, instead of just one or two well-paced individual explosions, the sky is suddenly illuminated with an entire arsenal. Read More

GOTV Cross Country Edition

by Donlyn Turnbull
Director of New Media

All across America, patriots just like you are taking heed to our GOTV advice. They have been contacting campaigns and finding ways to walk their local precincts. They are becoming informed on their local Tea Party conservative candidates and helping to influence and inform voters in their area. They’ve been talking to family and friends about their candidates of choice and even lining their yards with signs from their favorite conservatives. Read More

Political Update: Catch the Offense and Defense of National Elections

by Andy Surabian
Political Director


It has been a good week for Republicans in Alaska. The first bit of good news came when the NRA announced that they would not be endorsing the so-called “moderate democrat,” Mark Begich, in his reelection bid for the U.S. Senate. The influential group pointed to the freshman Senator’s votes in favor of gun-grabbing Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan as reasons for not backing Senator Begich’s reelection. Read More

How to tackle local GOTV campaigns

by Kay Rivoli
National Grassroots Director

Okay grassroots, it’s time to get serious and get out the vote. We have the opportunity to take the Senate and stop Obama and his liberal agenda right in its tracks, but there are only 35 days left to act! Read More